A young boy meets the local village wizard who gives him the ability to turn invisible. The boy soon turns evil and decides to rob a bank. Will he ever lern what matters the most and comes first in life?


2. Mr. Whizz

In order for Eddie to get to the village it would take a good 2 - 3 hours by foot. He really wanted to get this present for his mother. Time passed by until he finally got to the village. He peered around at some shops until he caught his eye on an unusual shop. It read: MR WHIZZ'S SPELL SHOP. Ed knew this wasn't the right thing to do but he had to, for his mother. Ed pushed open the heavy black door and stared mysteriously at all the shelves full of potions. He creeped up to the large wooden counter in front of him. Suddely a tiny man no taller than him with a little white beard sprung up.

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