A young boy meets the local village wizard who gives him the ability to turn invisible. The boy soon turns evil and decides to rob a bank. Will he ever lern what matters the most and comes first in life?


1. Eddie

Who likes fairy tales? Most people nowadays like all these yucky love stories and that lot. Well, this story here is to due with poor little boys and wizards but comes into the mordern world. Hope you enjoy!


Eddie was a young 11 year old boy who lived in a small village called Llinkoln Village. Eddie lived with his mother who looked after the house. It was Ed's job to go and earn some money to have their living. Ed and his mother lived on a farm with absolutely no social life. No shops, houses, nothing really. The whole story actually started when he went into the next village (which was 4 miles away) to buy his mother a birthday present. As we all know whst happens in fairy tales - trouble in big fat bold letters.

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