Lord Potatoson

We've all heard of the freaks of nature that pass for super heros. And no one has ever stopped to think about the less well known ones. So I'm here to change that.


3. Chapter 2

Now that very same day, Arnie had been thinking about just how stupid superheroes were, but not for the same reason as I, you beloved story teller. He failed to comprehend how anyone would want to do anything for any other reason than the money and the fame. As you can probably guess, Arnie’s vocabulary did not include such words as ‘Unselfish’ or ‘giving.’ In fact, had you told him that day that he would eventually become one of the people he despised so greatly, he would personally escort you to the mental asylum. Anyway, one day, as he looked out one of the many windows the mansion came with, he noticed something that distressed him greatly. For this particular window overlooked his vegetable patch, and although he could see his vegetables, the team of 23 gardeners he hired to look after the garden were absent. Stomping his foot on the floor angrily he flew (not literally, you understand) as quickly as possible towards the kitchen by his back door. And sure enough, crowding the kitchen was a scared and confused looking gaggle of garders caked head to toe in mud.

                ‘Oh no! My floors, my beautiful floors! You’ve infected my floors with your mud you fools!” Arnie cried, stamping his foot to prove a point. Freezing, he slowly lifted his foot off the floor and bent down to see the underside of his shoes. He slowly raised his head, and many gardeners later told how they swear they saw his eyes turn red.

                “There is mud. On my shoes. That is IT! Explain the meaning of this insanity right now before I personally go out and arrange every single one of your funerals!” He growled, waiting for a response. One rather small gardener stepped forward, and pointed one trembling hand towards the back door.

                “It’s the vegetables, Arnie, I mean Sir, I mean you Majesty, I mean god. Their possessed!”


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