Lord Potatoson

We've all heard of the freaks of nature that pass for super heros. And no one has ever stopped to think about the less well known ones. So I'm here to change that.


2. Chapter 1

           Lord Potatoson’s original name was Arnie Wardrobe. He was your typical, upper class, aristocratic, stuck up ass. Of course, when you own the rights to Russia’s alcohol supply you could be a fully-fledged donkey and probably get away with it. After kicking his father out of his mansion (claiming that he desperately needed the broom cupboard his dad had been reduced to living in) and pissing off his mother so much she just left, he became the sole resident of the great Potato Mansion. Now the Potato mansion was originally owned by Geraldine and Bert Potato, a modest, kind people. But obviously the moment Arnie saw the place on a tour of the countryside, he decided he needed to own it immediately. An assassin was hired the next day to kill both of them by poisoning their cake on their weekly visit to Bingo Club. And so he moved into the Mansion as soon as possible, hired as many servants as possible, and planned to live out the rest of his days as comfortable as possible. Had it not been for that one day that—you know—messed up his life forever, and transformed him into one of the greatest superhero’s the world has never heard of.

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