Lord Potatoson

We've all heard of the freaks of nature that pass for super heros. And no one has ever stopped to think about the less well known ones. So I'm here to change that.


1. Prologue

        We’ve all heard of  the classic hero, defenders of the world—or more commonly cities no one’s ever heard of—and most of us will have, at some point, pondered over why they’re so famous. Spider man, whom can shoot webs from his wrists, would be classed as a freak of nature in normal society, and would later be kidnapped by the FBI or the CIA and have all sorts of tests done on his brain. Superman (you know, can’t dress properly, big floaty cape) can fly. I will tell you now this is not normal. The general public would certainly not think this normal, and would probably accuse his mother of mating with some winged animal. And yet they have gone down in fictional history. And all the genuinely awesome heroes are going un noticed. For example, if you went up to 100 people and gave them 100 seconds to describe as many of the characteristics of Lord Potatoson as they could, the result would always be zero. And this must end, so I shall give you a description of this loveable, very unfamous veggie loving protector of humanity. So that if by chance an escaped psychopath with a clipboard asks you that very question, you won’t end up standing there looking as stupid as the do.

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