Do you see what I see?

This poem is about a girl who sees unusual and horrifying things. Things only the darkest part of your mind could imagine. However, she is not imagining them. To her, they are as real as you and I. Real but not alive.


1. Do you see what I see?

I see things,

Things people would never believe,

If I told anyone they would think I'm crazy.

I have nightmares,

Nightmares of these things,

These people,

These creatures.

It's hard to describe just what they are,

I can't make out their faces,

Their eyes as black as coal,

And their skin as pale as snow.

Blue lips,

Black, greasy hair,

And hands covered with blood.

Everything about them was so dark and cold,

Their faces look so scared and lonely,

Yet evil and malicious,

Just like their soles.

Am I the only one?

The only one who sees them?

Sometimes I follow them,

But where they go,

No one would want to know.

Just the thought sends chills down my spine.

Maybe it's a nightmare I continue to have,

Or maybe I'm just going mad.

I was chased before,

By one of those things,

Never have I ran so fast in my life.

My heart was pounding as this creature got closer,

I tripped then frantically pulled myself back up,

With tears flooding down my face,

 It caught me.

Looking at me like I was it's next meal,

I saw nothing but black, hollow holes for it's eyes,

And blood dripping off it's face,

It was clear these things were far from human,

But nor were they animal either.

They looked dead,


empty inside.

I escaped by hitting, shoving, screaming,

Desperately trying to break free,

While claw marks were engraved in my skin.

This not a dream,

This is not my imagination,

This is reality.

The images haunt me while I sleep,

I wake up screaming,

I realise now there's no escape for me.

I feel like I am trapped in a horror film,

I wish that one day I will wake up and it will all disappear.

 Why do they want me?

Why won't they leave me alone!?

Do you see what I see,

Or is it just me?

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