Love is Never Ending

One woman is dying knowing her love is dead another person is dead because she thought her love never loved her.Rosalie has always loved her best friend Summer she's always wanted to tell her the truth and her feeling but one day she does but it ends in disaster.


2. Love

I gazed at Summer kissing her boyfriend goodbye. They didn't attend the same school-we went to a all girl's school. I stared at summer as she walked to me her boyfriend waving back and leaving her.

"Hey, Rosalie"Summer greeted as she saw me looking at her. I forced my sad smile into a fake happy grin.

"Hey,Summer did you revise for the test"I asked.

"No did you"Summer asked.

"Yes"I answered back.

"Can I copy from you"Summer pleaded doing puppy dog eyes.

"Fine"I replied.

"Your the best"Summer exclaimed.

"Summer can i tell you something"i asked looking at Summer face why didn't she realise I loved her.

"What is it Rose"she asks. I look at her face and shake my head.

"It's nothing"I mumble back.

"OK come on let's go to class"Summer exclaims pulling me. A tear falls from my face.

Why can't you see, I love you Summer.

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