For a thousand years, the last of the Human race has been frozen. To preserve this species. Trying to make a clone from their cells, each attempt failed.


2. The Laboratory

The Laboratory was high tech, and luminous almost. The double wide doorless gap led down a dark, hollow throat. The occasional small white light lined down the walls flickered, like candles in the midnight evening. The grey Laboratory walls were followed by three metal looking tubes. A circular monitor on the wall centered that side of the room, static buzzed on and off the screen. The transparent floor could see into space. The black velvet sky was studded by distant stars, and larger studs, closer to the Laboratory.


The other side of the room was centred by a small row of large glass tubes, with pipes coiling from the controls on the bottom of each of the tubes. A blue-green liquid is contained in each of the tubes. But, one of the occupied something else. Frozen, cold and unable to move for the last thousand years. Floating in the tube as if it weighed nothing, and gravity didn't exist to them. A frozen female Human...

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