For a thousand years, the last of the Human race has been frozen. To preserve this species. Trying to make a clone from their cells, each attempt failed.


1. Galaxies Ago

Earth was destroyed years ago, by a nearby exploding star. Scientists sent out a dozen people on a space shuttle to try to keep their species alive, using most of Russia's money. Being the only country willing to build a space shuttle anymore. The remainder of the World's money was used to try and develop defenses against the deadly force. They were unsuccessful, no-one on Earth survived. The whole of the known solar system was destroyed, leaving nothing, but floating rocks in the now empty pocket of space. The space shuttle sent from Earth made it away in time. But something happened, they were hit by a meteor. The twelve Humans aboard were scattered across space, like pieces of a jigsaw. But nothing could solve the puzzle, nothing...

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