To make you feel my love

I have 2 best friends: 1 (Ann) who is going out with this flirty boy and the other,(Kat) Is going out with the boy I secretly love (Terry.) I haven't told her or him. I can't stand them being together. I would do anything for him to feel my love. Although, I have told Anna but she says to let him go. I have tried but somehow I can't. Every second of the day I am thinking of him...


6. Time to face the music

When I woke up on Monday morning I felt sick with fear. I'd been worrying the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday. I had been dreading going back to school; I'll have nobody to hang around with seeing as Anna has sided with Kat. Although, I don't blame her. What I did was terrible, and I knew how much she loved him...but I still did it. I've been trying to call Kat and Anna but they haven't been picking up or answering their texts.
When I was walking up to the school gate I could see people looking, staring, whispering. I could only images what they were saying: " oh theirs that girl who split up her best friend and her boyfriend...," "theres that slutty girl..." "theirs that slag..." however, I can only wonder. I don't even know how Anna knows about what I did. We have that relationship where you can tell what they are doing or thinking without them actually telling them.
When I got into form Kat was lookin at me, still with tears in her eyes. "There she is."She yelled, " there's the bitch that split up me and Terry."
Everybody stared...
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