To make you feel my love

I have 2 best friends: 1 (Ann) who is going out with this flirty boy and the other,(Kat) Is going out with the boy I secretly love (Terry.) I haven't told her or him. I can't stand them being together. I would do anything for him to feel my love. Although, I have told Anna but she says to let him go. I have tried but somehow I can't. Every second of the day I am thinking of him...


2. The Invatation

"Hey Kat, Fi come here" she shouted across the school feild. Kat was talking to me about Terry...AGAIN! I guess I've got used to it. Anna came running towards us seeing as me and Kat couldn't walk any slower. "My mum and Ada are out this weekend so I am hosting a part wanna come?" she asked excitedly. "Can I bring T..." Kat was interrupted "Yes you can bring Terry! What about you Fi do you wanna come party your but off." Anna said. "I think I will have to pass I've got...homework to do." I said hesitantly. "Oh come on you nerd you turning into Nora Brooks!" Kat said trying to get a reaction. " Oh no I'm not! I will come then just don't compare me to Nora ever again got it?" I said. Kat replied"ok then whoop whoop we are coming...Joanna's house!!!" Kat said and then we all got the giggles. Terry walked over and put his soft feminine but cute hands over her pale blue eyes. He moved her jet black hairto the side and whispered in her ear in a sweet way "Guess who?" Kat giggled like a girls girl,which she's not. I don't know what he sees in her...
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