To make you feel my love

I have 2 best friends: 1 (Ann) who is going out with this flirty boy and the other,(Kat) Is going out with the boy I secretly love (Terry.) I haven't told her or him. I can't stand them being together. I would do anything for him to feel my love. Although, I have told Anna but she says to let him go. I have tried but somehow I can't. Every second of the day I am thinking of him...



Kat decided to get ready for Anna's party at mine. She was wearing this green maxi dress and had her long hair tied up in a messy side bun. "You look really nice!" I said "Do u think Terry will like it." she asked. I was trying not to reply however I had to, " Yeah, I'm sure he will love it." I was wearing my new hot pink one shoulder above knee high dress with black heels with all my make up on. Kat hates make up so she never wears any!
We were walking to Anna's part at about 6:30. It wasn't that dark but it was freezing. When we go to Anna's house we knocked on the door, she answered wearing a deep blue blue dress like mine but strapless. " Oh My God you to look amazing!!! Come in, nobody else is here yet so you to are officially the first ones here." An hour later the house was full of people from school...well some people we didn't know but they didn't cause any hassle. "Hey, guys who wants to play spin the bottle!" Anna shouted......
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