To make you feel my love

I have 2 best friends: 1 (Ann) who is going out with this flirty boy and the other,(Kat) Is going out with the boy I secretly love (Terry.) I haven't told her or him. I can't stand them being together. I would do anything for him to feel my love. Although, I have told Anna but she says to let him go. I have tried but somehow I can't. Every second of the day I am thinking of him...


8. My life flashed before my eyes

Kat was staring at me as if she didn't know what to do. " wanted me here to make up or something cause I really miss yo..." she inturupted me.
"No. I wanted you here to get my revenge. You ruined my life. I would do anything for Terry. I mean anything." she started pushing me around; shouting all kinds of horrible things. Propel started to stare. I tried to walk away but she wouldn't let me. I saw Anna and Terry walking towards the bridge together. However they wouldn't do anything to stop Kat. She started to push me towards the edge of the bridge. A boat wantEd to get past so the bridge started to split. She got a knife out her pocket,"Go. Move to the edge....well...go on then!" she shouted
"Or what?" I said
Kat gave me daggers. If looks could kill, I would have dropped dead, there and then. Kat and Terry were waiting at the beginning of the bridge. "MOVE"
I walked to the middle hesitantly. "JUMP." she ordered. I turned and looked. She didn't mean it I could tell."JUMP...or...or...I'll push you."
I didn't move.
"Ok. You asked for it."
I could feel her sweaty palms touch my back. She did it she actually did it.
As I was falling my life flashed before my eyes and...

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