To make you feel my love

I have 2 best friends: 1 (Ann) who is going out with this flirty boy and the other,(Kat) Is going out with the boy I secretly love (Terry.) I haven't told her or him. I can't stand them being together. I would do anything for him to feel my love. Although, I have told Anna but she says to let him go. I have tried but somehow I can't. Every second of the day I am thinking of him...


7. I've been waiting for you...

When I got home, from the worst ever day at skl, I had mixed feelings when I got a text from Kat saying:"Look I know we have been having a rough time lately but we need to make up . I really miss you. Come meet me on Brougt Bridge at 6.30 so we can talk it out. xx Kat." I was wondering weather I should go...but I thought; what's the worst that can happen.
I was walking to Brought Bridge and I was just like school. I didn't think that what I did was to bad but other people beg to differ. I say Kat waving at the middle of the bridge. I hesatently waved back and started to jogg along the brige. "I've been waiting for you..."
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