Dear Grandad

A Letter to my Grandad who passed away at 6pm Saturday 3rd September 2011 from Motor Neurone Disease.
I am trying to raise awareness for Motor Neurone Disease, if you could possibly donate to the the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) it could go a long way to preventing more stories like this one for more people. Their website is if you are interested in helping.


1. First and Only Chapter

Dear Grandad,

I miss you everyday and although people tell me it gets better with time it really doesn't. It just gets easier to cover up. Only one person told me it doesn't get better with time, just easier to hide. You'd like him, he's a bit like you.

All I can remember anymore is snippets of me and you. I remember some of the impressions you used to do of Donald Duck ("Oh boy oh boy oh boy") and how on special occasions we would all go out to dinner, in the later years it was always Strawberry Fields restaurant that we went to.

I remember visiting you in hospital. I took Soldgie with me and you smiled when you tried to turn your head to me and Soldgie by the side of your bed. Everybody tells me I was so brave not breaking down in the hospital but I could see everybody else with puffy red eyes and thought I needed to be strong for them and for you, just like you. You were the strongest person I know and I'm trying so hard to be like that for myself and for the rest of the family and for my future children and grandchildren.

Wherever you are, I'm just happy you're not in pain anymore. I love you Grandad. x

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