A prophecy, passed from generation to generation, is about to become fulfilled. Blade, an elvish girl who just wanted a normal life, would never guess that she is the missing piece of the puzzle that could save the human and elvish races from an unbeatable force...


1. Unexpected Circumstances

Setting Sun

Rising Lúa

Expecting The Unexpected

At the Very Edge Of O Mundo

Blade’s Lamina Of Many Lamas Strikes True

One Can Stop The War

Only One

When The Time Comes

They Will Shine Through

Only One

O Tempo É Agora


I read through the sacred prophecy in my head as my students irritatingly laughed their way out of MY gym. Actually, they weren’t my students, I was just getting work experience. My parents want me to work with swords. Predictable or what? I still have to though. You just don’t get a choice anymore. I sat down heavily on the nearest bench.

There were pro’s and cons to being a single 23-year-old elf. The pro’s were that everyone respected you, you’re out of the most boring school in the world, you don’t have to live with your parents, and you can do what you want to a certain extent. The con’s were that a lot of boys followed you around because no-one wanted to marry them (for a reason), you have to get a job, and basically, you’re life goes downhill. I wonder which side over-rules the other.

Who in their right kind would want the job I was training for? Waving around swords all day to under-experienced fighters saying ‘Hi, I’m your teacher and my name’s Blade…’ No. I can’t see it in the near future.

Ugh. That’s my future? It sounds worst if you say it like it is. I couldn’t stifle a long groan as quickly as I should have, and of course, Leo heard me. He was definitely part of the con’s list. Maldición.

‘Oh, there you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!’ Leo said excitedly as he walked happily towards me.

‘I know you have.’ I mumbled under my breath.

‘C’mon we have to go see your parents!’ He said, his eyes glowing. He looked as if he was about to pop like an overpriced balloon that you can buy at the human funfair.

My head snapped up. ‘Why?’ I asked warily.

‘You’ll find out,’ I started to protest but he pulled me up off the bench and practically ran to my house, which was halfway across town. The speed in which he ran pushed the words to the back of my mind. Something definitely bad was going to happen.

            Five or ten, or maybe even twenty long minutes dragged by but thankfully we eventually reached my parents house. Leo hadn’t said anything to me, but instead kept giving me hopeful and excited glances. Talk about make someone worried.

He let go of my arm so that I could insert the key into the lock. Stupid human inventions. What’s wrong with magic? After I unlocked the door, he began to hurriedly pull me into the house.

‘Okay, if you don’t tell me what’s going on, I will literally pull your eyes out and stab you when you’re literally not looking!’ I hissed through the darkness. He ignored me, but hopefully I hurt his huge ego.

Luz,’ He said in a strong, clear voice. Glowing orbs of white light shone from above us, lighting the room as if they were human-invented light bulbs. I blinked as my sharp eyes adjusted to the sudden change of light. The only non-human thing in our village: how to turn on the lights.

Humans were so simple minded. Surely we should be allowed some way to use our magic apart from to turn on some petty lights. The other elves didn’t mind but it really bothered me to think that the human race practically ruled us.

I looked at Leo quickly, trying to drown out the useless babble of my thoughts so that it wasn’t obvious I was trying not to get too annoyed. He was already walking around the house, looking for my parents, apparently. I couldn’t stop the dread that was beginning to fill me not show on my face.

He turned around and looked at me. ‘Hey what’s up?’ he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

‘Nothing.’ I mumbled quickly. I could hear my mother’s footsteps approaching. I would find out what he was up to soon enough. I watched his face drop when he only heard one set of footsteps approaching.

My mother appeared in the doorway, smiling at us warmly. My mother likes Leo. Luckily, I didn’t think about Leo the same way my mother did. She thought he was the perfect match for me. Definitely not.

Ola, Leo.’ My mother welcomed him in the traditional way kindly.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Seeing as the humans decided to ditch a language because there were too many to learn and it was too close to Spanish (whatever that language is), we decided to adopt it, so that the humans couldn’t pry into our business or try to control us. So, yeah. We speak Galician now. We do know English as well though, for when we need to commune with the humans, just in case, and also if we get bored of the same language all the time. We liked to mix and match. English was a very popular language for humans, wasn’t it?

Ola. Please can I ask you a question in the other room? It is rather important.’ Leo said, and fiddled with his fingers nervously. Oh meu deus! He was just like a little kid. How could that be a perfect match for me?

‘Of course, Leo. Blade, will you be alright waiting hear for a few moments?’ My mother asked me hesitantly.

‘I’ll be fine.’ I assured her. Can’t I be trusted to be alone for a few minutes in my own house? Oh, maybe she thinks that I’m going to make a run for it.

‘Okay then.’ She motioned for Leo to follow her into the kitchen area of the house. Once they had gone and were safely out of hearing range, I slumped myself onto the human sofa and reached for my I-Phone. Another human invention. Will I ever be rid of them?

I put my head phones into my ears, which had taken on a small point at the top (not a huge one, they are just disgusting!), and listened to my favourite human band, seeing as the humans decided we weren’t allowed to be musical. I couldn’t help singing along quietly to myself. The lyrics from The Wanted’s cd were just pathetically catchy.

Nerves echoes throughout me, but I tried my best to ignore them. I could feel bile rising at the back of my throat. I truly felt like I was going to be sick, and I’ve never been sick in my life.

Of course, thinking that I was ill just made me more panicky. I quickly paused the track I was playing, and gently threw the I-Phone across the room. I couldn’t be bothered to use magic to catch the phone as it fell onto the floor. Stupid human invention. Hasn’t it heard of landing where you want it to?

The silence was like electricity in the air. Electricity. Another human invention. We were definitely a human-controlled race. I don’t know how that happened. We were definitely stronger than the puny humans.

I fiddled nervously with a strand of my deep-purple coloured hair. Yes, it was naturally purple, and no, I had never dyed my hair before. You’d actually be amazed how different humans are to elves. Humans are all very similar,, with their average heights and small variety of hair colours which they don’t even choose as they are just born with it, where-as elves come in a variety of hair shades which are chosen (not actually chosen, but your body chooses them once your personality stops changing), sizes and facial features. How cool is that?

I heard sharp footsteps approaching. Standing up, I pretended I was interested in the nearest human magazine I could find. It was about weddings. Oh meu deus! I looked up as they walked into the room. I knew what they were going to say before they said it. I could see it in their eyes.

Leo’s looked like they’d been lit up from inside. It didn’t really match the manly-elf look that he was trying to pull off, what with the blonde hair, basic white t-shirt and baggy jeans. The one thing that the humans got right; jeans.

My mother looked… well, pleased. I could still detect some vibes off worry radiating from her body but I chose to ignore them. Why make myself more panicky than I needed to?

I pulled my mother to the side of the room. ‘What the hell is going on?’ I asked under my breath. We may have good hearing, but I didn’t think that Leo knew how to use his. His entire one brain cell was distracted by the simple task of breathing.

‘Darling, you knew this day would come eventually, and Leo’s a nice young man. So, you’re going to get married.’ Her face turned blank.

‘Are you kidding me? Oh meu Deus! How could you do that? Don’t I get a say in this?’

‘No, it’s traditional that…..’ My mother started.

‘Yes, it’s traditional for the parents to choose who marries who, but it’s Leo!’

‘You’ll thank me for this later.’ She smiled sweetly at me.

‘Don’t count on it. Tradition can go die. I. Am. Not. Marrying. Leo.’ I spared Leo a desperate glance. He wasn’t looking at us, thank Dues.

‘Oh yes you are. In one month.’ My mother glared at me.

‘Oh no I’m not. I am an individual, and I am not getting married to Leo! Can’t I make up my own mind?’ I pleaded.

‘No. Tradition is tradition. Suck it up. You’re a big elf now. It’s time you started to act like one.’ She snapped.

I flinched back. ‘You’re already controlling my career choice, when I go to any human town and what magic I use. What else are you going to make me do? Where human clothes like you?’ I snorted in disgust. I never wore human clothes. I made sure that they looked the same, but secretly I made my own clothes. Right now, I was wearing what looked like a black practical dress, but actually it had hidden shorts underneath so that no-one (my students) could see my pants. I still couldn’t believe some people thought that it was attractive. ‘What do I have to do to be an individual around here?’ Throwing my hands up in the air, I glared at my mother and stormed out of the room.

Escuro.’ I whispered under my breath, plunging them into an eerie darkness.

No way was I going to get married. No way. Leo? Nuhuh. They have to be kidding themselves. And in one month? There wasn’t any way that I would be there unless they locked me inside for the next month or kidnapped me on the day.

‘Blade? Slow down!’ Leo called as he followed me out into the street. I turned around slowly. ‘What’s wrong?’

‘What’s wrong? You know what’s wrong! To be honest, I don’t want to marry you!’ I screeched. The birds nesting in the trees stopped chirping happily to snoop on the little drama scene going on.


‘Look, I do like you, but not that way.’

‘I see.’

‘Do you?’

‘Yes.’ He smiled at me slowly. ‘But, you do like me?’

‘Of course!’ I said, relieved.

‘Okay then. I’ll see you soon, fiancé!’ He turned back and ran into the house. I could feel myself gaping at him in horror. Clearly, he didn’t understand what I was trying to say. Fiancé? No way.

Would it be so bad, though? Being married to Leo? He was kind of good-looking, and he was never mean to me, but he wasn’t the brightest crayola in the packet, nor was he my favourite colour. I sighed. Yes, it would be bad if I married Leo. Very bad.



            I glanced at the clock tower as it chimed cheerily, echoing throughout the trees and causing the mithels (or what humans call sparrows) to scatter. The human infrastructure clearly stated that the time was 10:00 pm. Still too early to go back home. I shouldn’t have stormed out. Now I have to avoid the house for a while just to prove my point and it sucks royally.

            Leo was like the annoying younger brother that you loved to hate. Or, in this case, the one that you hate to love. And I did love him, just not the way he wanted me to. He was exactly like a little brother to me, and that’s all it would ever be. He fit the description well; young, smaller than me, and definitely irritating. Oh meu deus! What am I saying! I don’t love Leo, I loathe him! He was a moronic, good-at-human-maths elf who clearly had no common sense. I swear, if you left him for two seconds with a candle he would almost definitely put his finger in it. I’d even bet money on it! I’d be rich…

            Dreaming of what could be, it was hard to snap back to the present. In truth, I was sitting in my favourite park which I used to always play in, on a rusty swing, twirling myself round and round like I was in primaria school. This was the life.

            The bushes beside me quivered in the cold breeze that swept through the leaves, uplifting any debris and throwing it through the air swiftly as if someone was going to catch it on the other side. It was like magic.

            Of course, magic did exist, I just wasn’t allowed to use it. Somehow, if you use magic that you’re not supposed to, they always find out. It’s so creepy that no-one ever does.

            Feeling strangely brave, I looked down at my hands and smiled. Who cares if they found me? My life would be practically over in a bout a month, ii hadn’t run away by then.

            I hesitated as I was about to start to do my chewed-out, half-thought-through plan. How could I do it? It’s not something they taught me at school. At least, when I went they didn’t. It couldn’t be that hard, could it?

            Of course not! It was in my blood!

            Concentrating, I focussed on the magical roots that dwelled deep inside of my family tree and me, and took a tiny slice of it back with me to the real world. As if the magic was tangible in the air, the mithels started chirping loudly, as if sending off electrical sparks through their high-pitched voice, and the cathello’s (or the common cat in the human world) meows seemed to fly like swords through the tense air. I relaxed immediately. There was obviously no danger around here, where everything was so cheerful, bright and dazzling.

            I realised I was unusually right. Even the sun had begun to peer through the clouds hours earlier than it should have, waking many exhausted elves across the village. I would have to act quickly. Usually I would be hopeful that they would just roll over and go straight back to sleep, but with my luck today, they would probably all want a midnight stroll in their nightclothes.

My hand shook violently as if it was being controlled by someone else as I pointed it awkwardly towards a nearby bush. Figuring that it was almost dead anyway, I thought of the word that would best describe what magic I wanted to use. It took a while, as I didn’t have a clue as to what to say. Eventually, I set my heart on a certain word. Hey, why not use it as my signature magic? That would be quite cool.

Here goes nothing.

‘Electrocutar,’ I whispered into the shadows.

Instantly, the tense air reacted in a way I couldn’t have imagined. Small blue, crackling orbs quickly grew from small particles into a live ball of purple electricity that could probably zap your arm off. At first, I mistook it for something else, but I couldn’t argue that it crackled like a blue thunderbolt rolled into a pocket-sized ball. I yelped, and pulled my arm back before it got zapped by the threatening force that was gathering just inches away from my skin. It sat, nestled happily in the palm of my hand. I looked at it in wonder. It was so cool!

            It gave me the feeling of security, and that, if anything scary popped out of the trees, for example a ganso (a goose, trust me, they are scary in the dark), I would be able to scare it away. It also made me feel powerful, and almost … confident.

            I hesitated. Did I want to send away the glowing, powerful orb of purple electricity that made me feel so protected and safe in the middle of a very dark park on my own? Not particularly.

            Then I had a genius idea. Prodding the still-growing ball of purple electricity, I pinched a sliver of the small, intertwined strands that held the ball together and tossed them into the nearest bush. I squeezed my eyes shut.

            The sound of crackling energy ripping through the bush was terrifying, but still amazing. Curiosity was the only thing that made me open my eyes again. The small ball of electricity I kept with me had started to rotate impatiently throughout the zapping of the bush, as if it were eager to do some zapping itself. I peered at the unfortunate bush that was my experiment.

            Its branches were heavy with soot, blackened by the sheer power of the magic that I had conjured up out of the mere air. The leaves… well it didn’t have any left. They had literally been burned into non-existence. Shocked, my feet seemed to carry themselves towards the demolition ground.

I knelt, my clothes tight against my torso. Shockingly, a piece of my clothing did hang into the soot-smothered ground. I could hold in my gasp as I held it in my hand. It was wrapped around my waist, over the top of my black jumpsuit. The small purple ribbon of material didn’t surprise me in the slightest. I paused, holding the ribbon that wrapped itself intricately around my waist and ended in a knot, with loose material hanging down delicately. It was still warm from the electrical burst of energy I had summoned.

It had appeared as if by magic, but it still felt as if I had been wearing it for years and never noticed.

And it was truly made for me.

            The vibrant purple colour of my hair had echoed itself into the ribbon, capturing perfectly the deep purple that seemed to sing from within the heart of the colour. I couldn’t stop myself from gasping in utter amazement this time.

            Immediately, the purple ribbon made me remember the glowing orb of electrical magic that I never sent away. I spun around, wondering if I had accidentally parked my big bum on it. I was relieved when I found it beside me, spinning around in the same panic. It copied my every movement like a very loyal pet dog. I couldn’t help but feel flattered.

Afastar,’ I told it kindly. When it didn’t mover, I couldn’t stop the frown that I felt burst onto my face.

Afastar, grazas,’ I said sternly to the small, obedient orb of magic. It didn’t even flicker. I groaned. ‘Why won’t you go away now?’ The orb nudged itself into me lightly, a sign of affection.

            I turned away from it and blew out a long breath. I looked at it, deep in thought.

‘I guess you can stay with me,’ I started, but continued hurriedly after seeing it wriggling with joy. ‘But, you have to promise to keep hidden. No one can know that you are with me. If anyone found out, I would probably be kicked out of town for using magic without permission. Okay?’

It nodded in a very human-like fashion, and spun around me in quick bursts of happiness. Strangely, it reminded me of how humans smile. I couldn’t help stop a huge smile etch itself onto my face. It felt so strange to smile! Strange, but immensely satisfying.

I started walking in the direction of my house, certain that the little orb of purple electricity would follow me.

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