A prophecy, passed from generation to generation, is about to become fulfilled. Blade, an elvish girl who just wanted a normal life, would never guess that she is the missing piece of the puzzle that could save the human and elvish races from an unbeatable force...


2. Breaking The Rules

I was lounging across my bed when I heard my mother’s voice screech through my thin wooden door. No one had found out about the strange orb that wouldn’t go away when I crept into the house, but my mother’s tone of voice made me think otherwise.


‘What?’ I shouted back at her, annoyed because I was finally getting to the good bit in my book.

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were home?’

‘I couldn’t be bothered!’ Would she just go away and leave me alone?

‘Don’t you dare speak to me like that!’ No, then.

‘What do you want?’ I was losing it. The little orb was fluttering, swirling, flitting wildly near the door.

‘We need to talk.’ She said in a much calmer voice, as if she was trying to control her emotions.

‘Okay.’ I agreed slowly. I lounged further down onto my bed; I was practically laying on it when I heard my mother try to open the door.

‘Why is the door locked?’ She sounded angry again.

‘It’s not!’ I lied. I practically leapt the distance between the door and my bed. It wasn’t for my mother, but for the orb that actually looked like it would have a panic attack. I grabbed it lightly, and guided it towards my bed. I gave it a little push to show it that it should go underneath, and it complied without any resistance. Then I unlocked the door and wrenched the door open.

            My mother was not usually an angry, ill-tempered elf. Her vivid red hair and soft facial features always made me feel relaxed when I was around her, but not today. Her hair was like a burning flame, and her grey eyes were narrowed into a sharp point. She scared the living daylights out of me.

            I couldn’t stop her from storming into my room like it was a science experiment, scrutinizing everything like she was choosing which one should win a competition for old elves. I say old elves because elves are very grumpy when they are old. Luckily, that will happen only a short fifty years after a human life had ended, so it’s not much of a difference.

‘What have you been doing?’ My mother said in a calmer tone of voice, putting in fake warmth and trust. She only spoke after she was happy that I wasn’t doing anything illegal (illegal= magic) in her eyes. Of course what she thought was illegal usually wasn’t.

‘Nothing. I’ve just been reading.’ I pointed stupidly to the open book on my bed. Her eyes narrowed.

‘Where were you outside? I sent Leo out to look for you everywhere!’ She said with a hint of worry in her voice. She should have been an actress.

‘Well, he obviously didn’t look everywhere. I was at the old park we used to go to everyday.’ My voice wavered.

‘What were you doing at the park?’ She asked patronisingly.

‘What is this? 20 questions?’ Her glare made me rethink my words. ‘Nothing you wouldn’t disapprove of.’  I hated lying, mainly because I was so bad at it.

‘Then why were you gone so long? Why didn’t you tell me when you came home?’

‘I wanted a bit of peace and quiet, and needed time to think.’ I was starting to sweat slightly. Her eyes narrowed.

‘What did you need to think about? Your low brain activity?’ She smirked.

‘No, actually I was thinking about the stupid human request you asked of me!’ I was getting slightly angry. Kay, that’s an understatement.

‘Human request? Blade, the humans stole OUR ceremony, they didn’t create it!’ My mother shook her head as if I’d just said that I was a cathello. It was so patronizing.

Wait, scrap that. Everything about her was patronising.

‘I’m still not doing it. You can’t make me.’ I stuck my tongue at her in an extremely human gesture.

‘You need to learn to treat me with more respect!’ I just shrugged my shoulders. ‘So be it. I’ll make sure you get there, even if it is against your will! It is not respectable for a young elf like yourself to be unmarried after the age of 20! It may seem every human to you, but it is a very important elfish ritual! That you must understand.’

‘Actually, I don’t. I don’t understand why we have to do a ritual that humans do! Maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t be doing it in the first place! They need to use their brains and think up their own rituals! We are pushovers for the human race! We have no freedom! When you understand that, talk to me again.’

‘But Blade-’ My mother started.

‘No. You heard what I said, now go.’ I picked up my book again and pretended to read. I heard the door slam as my mother left the house. I tossed my book onto the floor. I felt guilty. I had never had a fight like that with her before. I also felt guilty for the fact that I wasn’t sorry at all.

            My book nudged my arm. I felt my eyes widen as I remembered that book can’t move. I rolled over to face my book. Peeking out from underneath it was the purple orb. I must have accidentally thrown the book onto it.

‘I’m sorry!’ I quickly pushed the book off of what I thought was its head, and cradled it against my stomach. It wriggled in delight and settled down to rest. I envied it. Its lack of the ability to speak kept it out of a lot of trouble. It couldn’t argue or insult anybody. It could only express it’s feelings through body language. Lucky thing.

‘Maybe we should give you a name, eh?’ It was breathing softly. ‘Yes, we should. It won’t be a human name either. I will do some research and give you an elfish name, like mine. You won’t find my name in a human name book, grazas a Deus! You stay here and I’ll boot up my laptop.’ I picked up the orb and placed it on my pillow. I sat up and pulled out my laptop from underneath my bed. ‘Sam!’ I yelled.

‘Yeah?’ He yelled back after a few minutes.

‘Be the best brother in the world and turn on the router for me?’

‘Why don’t you get off your butt and do it yourself?’

‘I’m busy!’


‘Please?’ I pleaded.

‘Fine!’ I heard a click that told me that he had flicked the switch and turned on the router.

‘Thanks! You’re the best ever and I’ll get you the best aniversario present ever!’

‘You better!’ he grumbled.

            Smiling to myself, I connected to the internet and typed into Google: elf baby names unisex. Ten results popped up. I clicked on the first link and scrolled through the names. I looked for the names that meant purple. Roxa was the only one, but it was feminine. I looked at my orb.

‘Hey, what gender are you? It would help me out a lot if I knew.’ The orb turned around slowly, as if it were looking at me. ‘Is there any way that I could give you eyes or something?’ The orb floated towards me and rubbed against my side. ‘Okay, you are now officially a girl. Well, for now anyway. I guess that means that your name is Roxa, but if you turn out to be a boy after all, I will call you Rockie because they are kind of related.’ I turned off my laptop and lay back down onto my bed. ‘I will work out how to give you eyes and stuff. Otherwise, you’ll be an orb forever, and that wouldn’t be too good.’ It made a high pitched purring noise, which made me smile as I drifted to sleep.



            As I demonstrated to my students how to do a basic swipe with a sword, I could feel the orb hiding behind the curtain of the gym. It had decided that it wanted to come to work with me, and I let it without putting up too much of a fight. I couldn’t win; it didn’t have a mouth to say anything, so I would just be arguing with myself. So, I had snuck it into the gym, before anyone else came in, in my sword bag that was jam-packet full with cleaning cloths and whetstones to sharpen and look after my favourite blade.

            I should have skipped work if I wanted to really prove a point to my mum (I don’t know why she made me call her mother, it sounds so formal), but I needed the work experience and income if I was going to have a future, and I wasn’t going to let   a petty argument get in the way of that, even though if she forces me to get married I won’t be able to work, I’ll be expected to be a house wife. Urgh. It’s all down hill from here. She only let me do work experience because I wouldn’t shut up about it.

            I don’t know why we had to pick up those human traditions. They sucked royally.

            So it was decided: humans were sexist pigs.

            The orb that I had decided to call Roxa/Rockie made a small chirping noise, making me smile. It was so cute.

            I gave my students an exercise to do (basically practicing against each other, with padded clothing of course), and went to sit by the curtain which my orb was hiding in. It made a small purring noise again, and rubbed what I thought was its head against my arm. Together, we watched young elves groan as they prodded each other awkwardly. They weren’t the best students ever, but at least they were trying. The orb kept chirping whenever an elf made a funny noise or tripped over his feet, and I found myself laughing as well. Not at the elf, but at the orb instead. When it laughed, it vibrated against my side in happiness, which tickled me every time.

            After the hour had passed, I sent them away and packed up. I wrapped my favourite sword in a protective cloth then placed it inside my bag. I motioned for the orb to come over after the gym door had shut for the last time. It floated over obediently and hopped into the bag almost gracefully. I say almost because floating orbs can’t really be graceful.

            I zipped up the bag and swung it over my shoulder carefully, making sure I didn’t hurt the orb. I then walked towards the park, which was the first place I had done magic. I was about to do it again. Of course, I had brought a spell book with me, because I didn’t really know how to give a glowing orb eyes, or even if it was my imagination or not.

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