A normal girl is thrown into a completely different world, one that she's known about for a while, but never believed in...

Join her as she discovers things she never knew about herself and others around her, all the while slowly attracting the attention of dark forces, shrowded in mystery. Little did she know, it was fate.

This is no ordinary girl. And this is no ordinary story.


2. Pushing The Boundaries Of Sanity



‘You ran away! You’re such an idiot when it comes to embarrassing moments! He was looking at you but you ran away! Congrats.’ Rhiannon screeched at me.

‘I was embarrassed. I bumped into the door for god’s sake! Who is he anyway?’ I  screeched back.

‘Oh, don’t you know? He’s the new kid. Totally hot, has loads of friends. You suit each other well.’ She replied, busily eating sausages and beans. I have more taste though. I had an apple, and a coffee. It’s always useful when you have a test coming up. Especially a geography test.

‘Er, definitely no. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I bet it was just a dare anyway. You know they like to target me with their dares.’ I blew over the top of my coffee, and hoped it would cool it down, when something caught my eye. The boy who was staring at me earlier, was walking through the cafeteria, and lined up in the pasta queue.

‘OMG! He’s gorgeous! Why didn’t you tell me how hot he is?’ Rhiannon said, drooling over the chair.

‘Ugh, just to remind you, he’s a boy. You know what boys always want. Remember that other boy that you were going out with?’ I said, trying to change the conversation.

‘Oh…him. I remember. What a jerk!’ Rhiannon said, suddenly angry at the thought of her ex-boyfriend.

 Suddenly, the boy looked up, and stared me straight in the eyes. He threw me a quick, shy smile, and then went back to talking with his friends.

‘What’s his name?’ I asked, suddenly curios about him.

‘Him? Oh, he’s called Drake.’ She looked at me curiously. ‘You have the hots for him don’t you? Well forget it, he told the most popular girl in the school, You know, Lorelei, that he wasn’t dating. Yet.’

 The way she looked at him made me jealous. It shouldn’t have. He wasn’t mine. Though somehow, I thought he could tell what I was thinking, and looked at me with happy eyes [what the hell?]. He then went back to his pasta, and walked out the cafeteria.


*  *  *


 ‘Come on, Harmony, let’s go home already!’ I looked up to hear Rhiannon’s voice in my ear. Somehow, it was the end of school, and time to go home.

‘Already? That was quick. Okay, coming.’ I got up, pushed my wobbly chair under my desk, and walked with Rhiannon to the bus stop. We walked in dead silence, even though we were both happy. We both thought of Drake. I could tell.

 Soon, I was at home, and I was lying on my bed. My bedroom has lilac walls, and soft, lilac Egyptian cotton duvet and pillow, with a creamy floor, and lots of clothes. They were scattered all over the floor, along with my favourite heels and flats. I was cold. [Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that I’m usually cold, because I’m a freak. There, I said it.] I pulled the covers over my freezing body, and fell asleep.

 In the morning, it was freezing in my room [I even got a thermometer and checked]. I threw open the curtains and touched the glass. Only instead of glass, there was a layer of thin ice over the top. It was completely frozen.

‘Creepy,’ I said out loud, just to make sure that it wasn’t a dream.

 Then I walked into the bathroom. I would have done the normal morning procedures, but when I turned the tap on, the flowing water turned to ice when I looked at it long enough.

‘Wow!’ I said shocked as I ran down stairs. I didn’t know what to think. Was I hallucinating? It sure felt real. Then I remembered that when it turned to ice, I had felt powerful, but shocked and scared. Scared stiff. I ran outside into the pouring rain. I stood there and stared at each individual droplet that was falling from the sky. They fell and scattered themselves all over the road, and looked like they were bouncing up and down.

 They were turning to ice! Every one of those drops that I stared at turned to ice! I was shocked, and scared. It wasn’t natural. I took deep breath, and went back inside.

 My mum was still asleep, because it was way too early for them to get up. I went upstairs and ran my fingers through my hair. I flopped myself onto my bed. I didn’t understand anything at all.

 I have to avoid anything wet, I realised. That seemed like a decent plan. So that’s what I did. I got dressed brushed my teeth without looking or thinking of the water, then went to school, still shaken from my recent ‘ice’ encounter.

‘Hi, Harmony,’ I jumped at the sound of a male voice approaching me. I looked up quickly to see that it was Drake.

Uh…hi,’ I said back still shaken.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked. It was like he understood me. It was like he had been through the same ordeal as me, only before me. But no. How could he?

‘Uh…yeah. I’m fine thanks,’ I suddenly had some confidence so I looked up.

He was looking at me like he was worried about me. It was strange.

‘Well, good,’ he said, and walked away.

‘Oooh, was that your boyfriend?’ asked Rhiannon, who I guessed was watching from a distance.

‘Shut up, Rhee,’ I replied. I froze. Rhiannon had her water bottle out and was fiddling with it in her hands. I could hear the wet liquid dripping down the side of the bottle.

‘Put the water away now Rhee!’ I said to her in a stern voice without looking at her.

‘Why? What’s up?’ she asked, obviously confused at my sudden attitude problem.

‘Just do it!’ I shrieked at her. She wasn’t doing what I wanted her to do.

‘OMG! What is up with you?’ she was starting to get on my nerves now.

‘Please? For me and my sanity?’ I pleaded to her, with my head in my locker.

‘For god’s sake! You’re such a baby!’ she hastily put the water bottle into her bag and stomped away.

 I sighed, and quickly followed her to my first lesson. Lucky me! It was chemistry. I quickly looked at the floor and sat at my desk. I then pretended that I was reading my science book, so that I didn’t have to look up at all of the chemicals and dripping taps.

 Miss Tigers was a nice teacher, and she didn’t pick on you unless you had your hand up. She didn’t mind me having my head in my book, but she did call me to her desk after the lesson.

‘Harmony, are you okay? Usually you like participating in our class talks.’ Miss Tigers said to me, and it sounded like she was confused at my behaviour.

‘Yeah, I’m okay. It’s just that I’m a little tired and I’m seeing things, so I’m freaked out, I guess.’ I replied.

‘Well, alright. I’ll send an email to your teacher who has you in their second lesson, explaining why you were late. Off you go,’ she said, with a little smile.

I quickly retreated and hurried down the corridor to my second lesson. History.

 It was actually interesting. We were doing it about Word War 2. I was having a great time until I saw Drake sitting at the back of the classroom. I’d never noticed him there before so I forgot to look down, and that’s when everyone’s water turned to solid ice. Embarrassed, I looked down and hurried to my seat. I quickly stole a glance at Drake, who looked like he completely understood.

You’re going mad, I thought to myself, whilst I buried my head in the text book.

I looked up at my teacher, who was staring at me strangely. The lesson passed slowly but it finally ended, and I ran outside to sit on my own.

I didn’t know how much time had passed when I heard someone walk up to the bench and sit beside me.

‘You do know how late it is, right?’ Drake asked. I couldn’t look at him. I was too scared about something turning to ice.

‘That’s a no then.’ He continued, ‘I understand what you’re going through. It happened to me two months ago.’ I looked up at him then.

‘How could you possibly understand?’ I asked, with tears in my eyes. I looked at him then. He made me feel calmer, and made me feel like maybe he was telling the truth. I felt like I belonged here, with him.

It’s just a crush, I thought. But I looked back at him, and he seemed to glow like he felt the same way.

‘I know that it’s hard, but ice is better that fire. I had to try not to start fires here, there and everywhere. You’re lucky that it’s only liquids.’

‘How come you’re at school then? There are never any kids at school that have … things … like this.’ I don’t know whether I had freaked him out but he seemed calm. I wondered why I trusted him so much. I usually thought that he would make fun of me. But this time, I don’t think he was.

‘That’s because, as soon as the person finds out, they are sent to Žiedas Siela. I am on a short visit, because I could feel you were coming, so I needed to find you.’ He said, and looked down into his lap.

‘You could feel that I was becoming like this?’ I asked, shocked that he understood me.

‘Yeah, because the thing is, people like us are created in pairs. In the pair, there is one boy, and one girl. They’re powers even each other out like water and fire. They are joined mentally, and sometimes they grow so attached to each other that…’ He trailed off near the end of his sentence. I was going to ask what he meant, but then it struck me.

‘I’m your partner, aren’t I?’ I whispered, starting to cry at the weirdness of my day, and how I couldn’t understand anything he was saying clearly.

‘Yes. We can’t ever choose. I knew that it was going to change you today, because I can feel what you’re feeling, but because you’ve only had your powers for a day, you can’t hear me yet. I wanted to tell you before you felt emotions in your head that weren’t yours so that you didn’t think you were going mad. I’m sorry, this is confusing you. It confused me at first, but you’ll manage in the end.’

‘Wait, you said that you knew it was going to change me. What changed me?’ I asked, suddenly scared that I might be a zombie or something.

‘The power changed you. Your soul carries it with you, and when it’s ready, it changes the body and blossoms so that you can use your ability in the future. You need to come to Žiedas Siela soon though, before anyone finds out. We still live in secret to everyone apart from the most powerful government council. They fund the school, and keep us from being found. If anyone found out, they might think that we want to hurt them and, well, kill us.’ He said with sad eyes.

‘Where is it?’ I asked feeling faint. It was too much to take in.

‘It’s a few miles away from here. Don’t worry about that. Oh, by the way, when you get home tonight, pack as much stuff as you can. It’s a boarding school, so that we are safe from everyone out there, until we learn to control it. I haven’t yet. You’re just starting out as well. Also you can’t tell your parents where you’re going. The school will have already sent them a letter swearing them to secrecy about this whole thing.’ Drake smiled and lightly held my arm still, which was when I realised that I was shaking like a leaf. His hand felt warm and soft, and strangely comforting. He helped me think straight.

‘Okay then. Meet me outside my house tomorrow morning, and we can go to Žiedas Siela.’ I smiled back, and I at last felt confident when I walked to my third lesson. Even though the school had a weird name.


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