A normal girl is thrown into a completely different world, one that she's known about for a while, but never believed in...

Join her as she discovers things she never knew about herself and others around her, all the while slowly attracting the attention of dark forces, shrowded in mystery. Little did she know, it was fate.

This is no ordinary girl. And this is no ordinary story.


4. Overwhelmed To The Max

‘Hi, Harmony! Oh, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m Eleanor! Welcome!’ said a girl with bouncy blonde curls, and big blue eyes. She looked like she was a really energetic person. Well, hell.

‘Hi!’ I said in response.

‘Hiya! My name is Sherry!’ said a tall girl with long, straight, auburn hair, and emerald green eyes. She seemed more laid-back than Eleanor, which was a relief.

‘Hey!’ I said to Sherry.

‘Hi. My name is Sephy. It’s short for Persephone.’ The girl grinned sheepishly. She also had auburn coloured hair, but she had light grey eyes. She seemed kind of shy, and, luckily, she was about my height so I didn’t feel too out of my depth among these girls.

‘Hi Sephy,’ I grinned in response. Why was I looking at their eyes the most?

‘Hello. My name is Tori. Is there anything we can do to make you a bit less nervous? Would you like a drink maybe?’ she offered. She was quite tall for her age [she looked about 15, same as me] and she had big brown eyes, and raven black hair, with a mysterious tint of purple that flashed when she moved her head.

‘Hi. Er, yes please. Water’s great,’ I said quickly. I couldn’t drink it, but the thought was nice.

‘Coming right up.’ Tori smiled sweetly at me before skipping off to another part of the dormitory.

‘So, what are your  powers?’ I asked as I was interested to know. They didn’t even blink an eye when I asked them a personal question after 1.5 seconds of knowing them. I liked them already.

‘I can walk through solid stuff!’ said Eleanor smugly.

‘I can control the air,’ Sherry shrugged.

‘I can heal you people,’ answered Sephy happily.

‘I can turn invisible.’ shouted Tori from the kitchen area.

‘That’s really cool. I’m kind of thinking we’ll get on.’ I said, embarrassed by my cheesiness.

‘We think so too. Hey, what’s your power?’ asked Tori.

‘I can turn freeze stuff. I think it’s just liquids.’ I hadn’t said it with much certainty, but they all looked pretty understanding and supportive.

‘Wow that’s so cool!’ Tori said and handed me a glass of water. It turned to solid ice in a matter of seconds.

‘Whoops! Sorry!’ I said quickly while they just stared at me. I tried to crack open the ice just a little so that I could get to the liquid swimming around at the bottom. As you could have guessed, it was a fruitless and, frankly, pathetic attempt.

‘Cool. Anyway, do you want me to show you to our bedroom?’ Eleanor asked, breaking the silence.

‘Oh. Um…yes please,’ I put the glass of ice down and followed my new friend trustingly into the wall. Big mistake.

‘Ow!’ I complained as I walked into the solid concrete, blue wall.

‘Oh. Sorry. I forgot. There’s the door,’ she said through the wall to me.

‘Thanks for the warning,’ I mumbled, and walked through the door and into my new bedroom.

  It had rose coloured walls, with photos of Sephy, Tori, Eleanor and Sherry on them. One day, I hoped I’d be included in the photos.

   There were five white beds sitting next to each other by the left wall, separated by little walls and on the right wall, there were five big wardrobes, and draws full of accessories and school uniform. There was a large mirror hanging in the middle of the room, on the wall right in front of me. There were shelves above the beds which had home comforts like clocks, hairbrushes, phones and allsorts on them. The shelf to the far right was empty. I guessed that this was my bed so I sat down heavily on it to see how comfy it was. It was luxury! It had a memory foam mattress that made the bed so cosy and springy. I loved it.  I sat there and bounced up and down, whilst Eleanor then walked through a door next to the mirror. I quickly followed, and found the bathroom.

   It had baby blue walls, with white tiles decorating half of the walls. There was a very tall shower, and a wide bath, and both were white. There was a white sink, with a shelf, which had 5 blue toothbrushes lined up in a row. The tooth brushes had names to the side, and one had my name on. Wow, this was what the school funds were buying. I looked across, and saw 5 blue towels on a drying rack. One of them had my initials on them. The rest had other initials on them.

   I suddenly felt so at home and welcome, like I’d been here all my life. It was just so peaceful and friendly! I could hear my new roomies chattering away in the bedroom, so I went back through the bathroom door to join them.

‘Hi Harmony!’ said Sherry, who had looked up from her sheet of homework.

‘Hi, Sherry.’ I replied as I started to unpack. The girls looked so individual and stunning that I wasn’t’ going to forget their names anytime soon. I didn’t fit in at all, but I didn’t let that put me off. I quickly found my draws and my wardrobe, so I got straight to it. I had a lot to unpack.

‘Erm…Sherry?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, hun?’

‘We’re not exactly normal people. What do these powers make us?’ I asked hesitantly.

‘We are mutants, hun. We are born with our power, which blossoms, so here we are now,’ she smiled at me.

‘Why does everyone say we blossom?,’ I said to her, and then went back to unpacking.

‘It’s just the technical term they like to use. It’s international. Boys sound so gay when they say it, it’s hilarious.’ She laughed softly and smiled.

‘OMG! I love that silver bangle! Where did you get it?’ Eleanor asked, as she rushed though the wall and up to me.

‘New look sale. £2.00,’ I said with a smug smile on my face.

‘Oh I want one! I’m so jealous.’ she said with a desperate look.

‘Maybe for your birthday. Any chance you want to help me unpack?’ I asked hopefully.

‘Of course I’ll help.’ Eleanor said. We got to work straight away. After 30 long minutes, we had finally unpacked everything. On top of my shelf, I had my phone, iPod and my alarm clock. It looked so bare that it made me slightly home-sick.

   It was a Saturday, so it was a ‘no school’ day. I got dressed into some fresh clothes, and went to the canteen for breakfast with my awesome new friends. They were so pretty that I felt like an unpeeled potato next to them.

‘Finally!’ I said when we at last reached the canteen. I was ashamed to say I had a stitch. It was a large room, with tables of five and six chairs around them each. I quickly scanned the room for Drake. He wasn’t here yet.

‘Who are you looking for?’ asked Tori, who had been quiet since I first met her.

‘Drake,’ I answered, which then was followed by lots of oooh’s behind me.

‘Oh shhh. We’re bonded that’s all. Simply friends,’ I said under my breath.

 I then stepped into the toast queue. Boy, I’m so glad they do normal food. Tori, Eleanor, Sherry, and Sephy went before me to show me what to do. After we got our toast, we went and sat at a table near the window.

‘So where did you used to live?’ Tori asked me.

‘Maidstone, in this place called Loose. What about you?’ I said through a mouthful of toast.

‘Me? I used to live in Staplehurst! About 30 minutes away from Loose,’ she then turned invisible. ‘Whoops, I’m sorry. I, er, that was totally unintentional,’ she then reappeared before my eyes.

‘Cool,’ I said in awe. Tori really was cool. I heard a beeping noise coming from my bag. I opened my bag and took out my mobile phone. Yep. Just as I thought. It was my mum.

Where are you? Why has all your stuff gone?

   I sighed. They must have sent the letter to my dad. My parents split when I was ten, so they moved away from each other, and I lived with my mum. Until now.

I knew I had to reply, and soon, so I texted:


I need to stay here. Don’t worry im safe. Love u lots xxx


That will have to do, I thought as I saw the ‘sent message’ box pop up.

‘Hun?’ said Sherry.

‘What?’ I answered blankly.

‘I said, What’s it like to be bonded?’ she repeated.

‘Oh, it’s weird. I’m not used to it yet, but I can kind of feel something at the back of my head. It’s like you’re never alone, you know?’ I said with certainty.

‘Wow. That sounds so lovely. I wonder when my Mr Right will come. I hope he blossoms soon,’ said Sherry wistfully.

‘What does he look like?’ asked Sephy, who had been chattering away to Eleanor and Tori until she heard the word ‘bonded’.

‘He’s cute. He has, er, eyes, hair and he’s taller than me. He’s really nice,’ I said as I sat up and packed my bag.

‘He sounds nice. When can we meet him?’ Sephy asked.

‘Whenever I see him today. I’ll introduce him to you,’ I said. Sephy was looking behind my head strangely, like she was trying to suppress a laugh.

 I spun around, and saw Drake standing behind me. I felt myself blush bright red when I turned back to Sephy.

‘How long has he been standing there?’ I asked her.

‘Not long. Ever since you started talking about what he looks like,’ she smiled above my head at Drake.

‘See you round then, Harmony,’ he said and walked over to his friends. They were all laughing and looking at me. It didn’t feel nice to be stared at. I automatically narrowed my eyes at them.

‘Yeah, you were right. He is cute. Should we go, then? We need to sort out what you’re going to wear on Monday, and then we can go to the school shop. It’s got so much stylish stuff in there. You’ll be shocked.’ Eleanor said, and started to stand. I followed her and the rest of my new friends out of the canteen, and back to out dormitory. Then Sephy [like the bright little soul she is] started to throw scrunched up paper balls at me and Eleanor, so that turned into a paper fight. We laughed so much that Tori turned invisible, and decided to surprise attack us. We were soon out of breath, so we all called a truce, and laughed our heads off. After we got our breath back, we cleaned up and I had a shower and changed into my favourite jeggings and blue t-shirt.

‘Hey, do you want to check out the school shop now?’ Sephy asked.

‘I’d love to,’ I replied with a grin. After correcting my make-up, Sephy and I left for the school shop, which was on the top floor of the main building.

‘What kind of stuff has it got?’ I asked Sephy as we walked.

‘Oh, you know. T-shirts, jeans, jeggings, tops, skirts, and accessories, of course!’ she smiled at me.

‘Silver stuff?’ I asked hopefully.

‘Yeah. There are sections of different colours. There is definitely lots of silver!’ she said happily. I had a feeling that she was a very optimistic person. A glass-half-full little cookie.

‘When did you blossom?’ I said.

‘Uh, about three weeks ago,’ she replied.

‘What about the others?’ I said.

‘Um, Eleanor blossomed four months ago. Tori blossomed a few days ago. Sherry blossomed a month ago, and you blossomed yesterday,’ she said, still smiling.

‘Cool. I can’t believe Tori is as young as me. It’s nice to feel like you’re not alone,’ I said.

‘I already think of you as my friend. It’s weird,’ Sephy said shyly after a while.

‘Me too.’ I said, smiling, as we pushed open the doors of the school shop.

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