A normal girl is thrown into a completely different world, one that she's known about for a while, but never believed in...

Join her as she discovers things she never knew about herself and others around her, all the while slowly attracting the attention of dark forces, shrowded in mystery. Little did she know, it was fate.

This is no ordinary girl. And this is no ordinary story.


3. New Begginings


 Drama went in a flash. Dt quickly became easy and efficient to do, and even my maths test didn’t seem as hard. Maybe Drake was lending me his confidence, or my new gift made me good at things for once. Thankfully, none of my subjects had water in them, so I went without an accident.

 Rhiannon was waiting outside my maths class because we walk with each other home, so I smiled at her when I came out.

‘Hey, Rhee!’ I said, and gave her a hug.

‘Whoah! Hi Harmony, why are you hugging me?’ she asked, sounding a little frightened.

‘My Mum is sending me to boarding school. I’m leaving tomorrow.’  I replied, and a little hint of sadness escaped my lips.

‘OMG! I’m gonna miss you so much!’ Rhiannon cried, as we started to walk to the bus stop.

 We talked about our primary school and how we were close friends, until we reached my house.

‘Bye then, Harmony. I’ll miss you. Don’t forget to make your mum feel guilty!’ she said, and started to cry.

‘Don’t cry! I’ll see you again! And I will always text you. I promise,’ I replied, and felt tears stinging my skin with their electricity.

 I then walked into my house, and faced my mother. She was crying into a tissue, so I ran up to her and gave her my best hug.

‘I’ll miss you mum. I’ll stay in touch. Remember, I didn’t choose this!’ I said.

‘Choose what?’ my mum said, sounding surprised.

 Bummer, I thought. She can’t have got the letter yet.

‘Mum, I got a D in my geography exam!’ I lied. I needed to cover up my mistake.

‘Oh, darling! Don’t worry about that! A D is a pass! I’m proud of you honey,’ she smiled through wet tears, and then turned to face the TV again. I looked where she was staring.

Oh, of course she’s crying! She’s watching The Titanic. Again, I thought.        

 I kissed her on the cheek and ran upstairs. I grabbed my suitcase and packed all of my favourite clothes. They were mostly silver, purple or black coloured, so I guessed that I wouldn’t stand out too much. I packed my favourite accessories like my silver band or my heart locket. There wasn’t a picture inside it yet though. I also packed a camera so that I could take a picture of all my new friends, if I made any apart from Drake.

 So I was all packed [and no, I didn’t forget my make-up]. I got dressed into my PJ’s and went to bed. I slept like a rock.

 I woke up at 6:30am. I quickly got dressed, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and then packed my tooth brush and sponge. I then decided that I smelt bad, so I had a long shower, just trying to relax and stay calm. My muscles were tensed when I got dressed and started to pull my suitcase down the hall, and opened my front door. Drake was there, and he was just about to knock.

‘Hi. Lets go,’ I said to him. He nodded, and led the way. We didn’t talk until we were outside the school.

‘Is this it?’ I asked, amazed by it’s size. It was like a mansion. It looked just like a normal building, with red coloured bricks, but it had a massive gate that was rusty and black. The building was covered in green moss, and had flower patches all around it. There was a long path leading up to it that I had to walk along.

‘Yep. That’s your new home.’ Drake said. He held out his hand, which I gladly took, and suddenly starting a new school wasn’t so bad. We started to walk up to the entrance of the building when a tall woman of immense beauty stepped out of the shadows, and smiled at me. Drake instantly let go of my hand, which made me feel a bit lonely.

‘So glad that you can finally join us, Harmony. Are you feeling okay?’ The woman asked.

‘I’m a little cold, but I usually am. How do you know my name?’ I replied whilst admiring her beauty.

‘Drake sensed you would blossom soon, so I sent him to find you. He knew your name and what you looked like before you even said hi to him.’ She smiled lovingly at me. ‘I hope that in the future, you see this school as your home, and I hope that you make many friends on your arrival. Come with me. Drake, you may return to your dormitory.’

‘Of course, Ayra,’ he smiled at her, and then walked to the building.

‘Now come with me, Harmony. Your room mates have been expecting you. They are all lovely girls, and I hope that you get along. There will be five of you in your dormitory. Is there any questions you would like to ask me?’ Ayra said.

‘Um…is there school uniform?’ I asked hesitantly.

‘Good question. We do have a set uniform, and you do have to wear it. At weekends, though, you may wear your own clothes, and accessories are allowed throughout the school week. We have already bought your school uniform and it is waiting for you inside your wardrobe. Anything else?’ She said sweetly.

‘Well, you know vampires have to drink blood, well, what do we have to do?’

‘Ahh, my child, all we have to do is keep our soul safe. This means that you mustn’t do anything foolish, otherwise, it shall die along with your body.’ She said, in a frightening voice. ‘well, here we are. Say hello to your new friends. You may enter whenever you wish. I must go now, but if you need me, I shall be just up the stairs in my office.’ Ayra called out to me as she walked up the stairs. That left me standing by a very peculiar door.

 It had swirls imprinted in black over the grey background, and it had name plates which said:

Eleanor Clements

Sherry Clarke

Tori Hales

Sephy Evans

Harmony North


I then squeezed my eyes shut, put my hand on the door and turned the handle.

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