A normal girl is thrown into a completely different world, one that she's known about for a while, but never believed in...

Join her as she discovers things she never knew about herself and others around her, all the while slowly attracting the attention of dark forces, shrowded in mystery. Little did she know, it was fate.

This is no ordinary girl. And this is no ordinary story.


1. The Fragments Of My Life



   My life officially sucked. Seriously. Who else was unlucky enough to get a name like Harmony? Well, me. Everyone that I know had names like Chloe or Eleanor, which are nice, but nope. Not me. Harmony seriously sounds like I have a hippy mother who thought that the world should live in peace. Yep, you guessed right. I do. She thought that it’ll bring me strength in the future and that it’s ‘pretty and interesting.’ Well, wrong again. I’m 15, and not many people like me. At all.

   I suppose I’m just being a baby. I have great friends, who love my name and would die for it. They also like me. And I love them.  Sometimes I freak them out. Sometimes I even freak myself out. Like when I was doing dance class and I didn’t run out of energy, whilst the others were drooling on the ground. Okay, not drooling, but you get the idea. I think.

   Anyway, I’m usually embarrassed by my name. It doesn’t help that the only thing I’m good at is dance, where NO boys are allowed to see, because it’s in the changing rooms, and it’s ‘too suggestive’. Seriously. Get a life, teachers! It’s like they spend they’re whole life plotting against us teenagers, and strike when we can’t fight back!

   Back to the point again, I’m the odd one out. I never was with the pretty girls who got hot boys, or any of that. I just met my friend, and we never tried to get to really know anyone else. I’m not saying that I didn’t have any other friends. I just only had one close friend.

   Her name was Rhiannon. She had lightly-tanned-to-perfection skin with brown hair and chocolate heaven eyes. She had a lovely, delicate, high bone structure that made her look feminine and cute. She had no beauty spots on her face at all.

   Then I look at me. I have dirty blonde hair, greeny-bluey eyes, and my bone structure is different to anyone I’ve ever known. My skin is as pale as a sheet [well, not really, but you get the idea], and I have four beauty spots that make an invisible cross over my face. My mum always says that I’m the prettiest in town, but no-one notices me. I’m like a ghost. I sometimes look like a ghost, when I get out of bed. I scare myself rigid. Hahahaha. My wardrobe was a mirror on wheels [it slides and it’s cool].

   Well, anyway, I’m in maths right now. That’s why I’m telling you about my life story. My mind loves to avoid problems. Rhiannon and I have never had an argument, so it’s never awkward between us. We sit next to each other in every class. Accept maths. Ughhh. I couldn’t escape it now. Mrs Stokes had seen me, and wanted me to answer her maths question. Great. I hadn’t been listening. I’d been too busy replaying my life story before my eyes.

‘Um… do you divide by… um …oh! Divide by -6 then +4, and um… -3?’ I mumbled. Maths wasn’t my favourite subject.

‘That’s correct, Miss North,’ replied Mrs Stokes. She had a firm line set above her mouth that showed that she wasn’t impressed with my mumbling. She quickly moved onto the next person on her prey list.

 I didn’t like Mrs Stokes. She was one of those teachers where you thought, ‘OMG help me get outta here!’ It was in her blood, I guessed. What a witch.

 Maths was soon over. Thank God for that! As usual, Rhiannon waited for me outside of class. She had a really nice maths teacher, called Mr Rhye, and he had let them talk, and get on with their work whenever. His only rule was that if you didn’t finish the work set in class, you’d have to do it as homework. Lucky her!

‘Hey, Harmony!’ Rhiannon said, whilst she quickly linked her lightly tanned-to-perfection arm with mine.

‘Hey, Rhee. Maths was awful. You probably just saved me from total depression,’ I said.

‘Isn’t that what you tell me every time I save you from total depression due to maths?’ she replied, and looked at me sideways, grinning.

‘Maybe,’ I laughed, whilst I tried to not walk into the door that leaded to outside. To freedom. I sighed. Maths really had made me desperate to escape.

‘Um, Rhee? I’m going to go quickly go to the ladies room, don’t worry I’ll meet you in lunch,’ I said, smiling at her.

‘Okay. Less for you and more for me,’ she replied. And I knew that she’d meant it.

   To be honest, I didn’t need the loo. I was more interested in the guy that kept staring at me. It was the first time that I’d ever caught a boy’s attention before. I instantly started blushing, and looked up at his face properly.

   He had dark brown hair, with chocolate brown eyes, which made him look like a little puppy. He was taller then me by about a foot, and was leaning on the lockers in the main corridor. He was smiling at me. Actually smiling! He was gorgeous! But, I didn’t remember him from any of my classes. Maybe he was too cool to be in my class. That little fact didn’t stop me from blushing and staring at him, which made me bump into the door. Everyone in the room laughed their heads off. Embarrassed, I quickly picked myself up, and ran away, ashamed to be me.

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