The Last WitchChild

50 years ago a prophecy was made about the Last WitchChild who would save the world of witches.
Serena is that child and would anything to change that. However, after years of pressure and misery, her life seems to change. The world looks brighter than ever before.
But when darkness threatens to engulf them all, will she make the right choice?


3. Rowan

15 minutes later I found myself in my bathtub, immersed in crushed ice and mint leaves, while Rowan waved his hands over the air above me and muttered strange things. I have to admit, this was new, but also extremely cold.I was also incredibly embarrassed, because except for some frozen water and plants, I was completely naked with a guy in the room. Awkward.

After another 5 minutes of this, I said "Please can we stop this? You and I can both tell it's not working, do you just want to get some juice downstairs?". I was so cold that I wondered why my feet weren't blocks of ice by now.

He looked worried and glanced out off the window, I could tell he was worried about that old lady "Look it'll be fine! We'll just tell her I had some kind of fit and needed to be hydrated immediately." I wasn't kidding about this, I would have done anything to get out of the bath right now.

"Fine" he said, "I'll,um, let you get out" he said gesturing awkwardly towards me. He walked out, cheeks bright red. That really shows my prowess with the other sex of our species.

Once I was dry and dressed, after getting all of the crushed ice out of my hair, I found him in the kitchen. He was standing awkwardly by the counter. I reached into the fridge, yes witches have fridges, and grabbed a bottle of orange juice. I poured us both a glass and held it out to him, he took it wordlessly.

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