The Last WitchChild

50 years ago a prophecy was made about the Last WitchChild who would save the world of witches.
Serena is that child and would anything to change that. However, after years of pressure and misery, her life seems to change. The world looks brighter than ever before.
But when darkness threatens to engulf them all, will she make the right choice?


1. Prologue

50 years ago a prophecy was made by the greatest seer known to Witchkind. It said:

"The last WitchChild shall be born from the ashes. It shall be the last of it's kind and shall have powers unknown to all. On their shoulders shall rest the fate of Witches for only they shall have the power to destroy the dark one."

The Witches have waited.

17 years ago Obsidian put a curse on the world, so that no witch may give birth,including herself, to weaken the good side, for she was immortal. From then on,no more WitchChildren could be born.

17 years ago a girl was born.

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