No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

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Portal Keepers Book 2 (The sequel to 'Would You Like Brains With That?').
Danira travels back to the Realm of the Undead to stop humans being used as blood-slaves.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


44. The Third Vampire Lord and Mireille

      The room was the complete opposite to the rest of the building; it was beautifully decorated and filled with gold, jewels and all other manner of wealth. My eyes moved to the three vampires in the room. On the first throne looking annoyed, was the willowy vampire with straw-like blonde hair. The second Vampire Lord was the one with ebony skin, his curly black hair once again pulled back into a ponytail. This meant that the third vampire was the one I hadn’t seen before, I slid my eyes over in the final vampire’s direction and my jaw dropped.

      “Pegasus,” I whispered unable to believe what I was seeing.

      He was lounging in his jewel-encrusted gold throne, examining his nails, his long hair pulled back, and his clothes sparkling.

      My face was a picture of disbelief and without realising it I clutched Ridge’s hand in mine. Beside me, Ferriday gasped, his grey eyes wide and obviously hurt at Pegasus’s betrayal. Jet and Ridge were silent, but their expressions showed that they were weighing up the situation.

      Sitting up in his throne, Pegasus smirked. “What a pleasure to see you again so soon, Danira, and to see you alive, Ferriday.”

      Ferriday’s face contorted in anger and a snarl burst from his lips.

      “You are fortunate that I kept you alive for so long,” Pegasus murmured, annoyance flittering across his otherwise passive exterior.

      “All this time you’ve been one of them?” I asked still in shock.

      Pegasus gave a grin. “I played my part well, did I not? It was easy.”

      “Why?” Ferriday’s voice was barely a whisper.

      “Have I introduced my friends to you?” Pegasus asked, ignoring Ferriday’s question and gesturing to the two other Vampire Lords. He presented the blonde vampire first. “This is Zacharias.” Then motioning to the ebony skinned vampire, Pegasus informed us. “And this is Bruton.”

      Zacharias and Bruton leered at me, their fangs extending threateningly.

      “You weren’t always a Vampire Lord,” Ferriday said, demanding Pegasus’s attention, and grabbing mine. “Why did you become one?”

      Pegasus yawned as if bored, and didn’t answer. Instead he gave a small smile and locked his brown eyes onto me. “You won’t win you know. Even if you kill us others will continue what we have started.”

      Glowering at him I replied. “Not when they hear what happened to you.”

      In my hand the Infinity Blade transformed into a sword and quivered in anticipation, making me feel slightly wary of it. It seemed to like killing way too much.

      At my words all three of the Vampire Lords let out booming laughs.

      Zacharias spoke for the first time. “What makes you think that you are going to win?” he asked with a smirk, his voice soft.

      Without any warning Pegasus, Zacharias and Bruton leapt from their thrones and at me. Ferriday and Ridge lunged at Pegasus, and Jet grabbed Zacharias which left me with Bruton. He circled me and I eyed him warily. Bruton hadn’t spoken at all so I had no idea what he was like. I knew he would be fast though since like Pegasus he would be an old vampire. I just had to make sure that the Infinity Blade was faster.

      The room was filled with snarls and cries of pain. Bruton finally pounced at me and I shoved the Infinity Blade through his heart. He screamed in agony but didn’t burst into ashes.

      “For goodness sake!” I cried when Bruton lunged at me again. “Why won’t you stay dead?!”

      Someone bumped into me and I nearly fell over. A hand wrapped around my neck from behind and I was lifted into the air.

      “Everybody stop!” Pegasus yelled, digging his nails into my skin.

      The fighting ceased and all eyes focused on us. Ridge swore under his breath and wiped blood from his mouth. Jet didn’t have a scratch on him but Ferriday was limping and bleeding from several wounds.

      “By now you’ve no doubt realised that we cannot be killed,” said Pegasus smugly. “So I suggest you accept defeat.” Moving his mouth to my ear, he ordered me to drop the Infinity Blade which I reluctantly did.

      Bruton and Zacharias were stood either side of me and Pegasus. Ridge took a step towards us but Pegasus shook his head in warning. After spending so much time trying to get close to the Vampire Lords I wasn’t about to just give up so I flung my head backwards, head-butting Pegasus with all my strength. He swore and released me so that he could clutch at his bleeding nose. Moving quickly I picked the Infinity Blade up and swung it at Pegasus, aiming not for his heart but for his head. It landed on the floor with a sickening squelch. But he wasn’t dead; Pegasus opened his eyes and started screaming in agony. His body lay twitching where it had fallen.

      “Who’s next?” I asked gazing at Bruton and Zacharias who were staring at Pegasus in shock.

      It looked like they were going to run away until a voice, so quiet that I thought I might have imagined it, whispered. “Kill her.”

      The two remaining Vampire Lords rushed at me but I decapitated them both. 

      “We did it!” I grinned before running to Ridge and throwing my arms around him.

      Ridge was staring at the three heads on the ground. “They’re still alive though. Why is it that they can’t die?”

      “I have no idea.”

      Jet, Ferriday and Ridge talked among themselves but I was distracted by a voice. It was the same one I had heard before but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Without realising what I was doing I walked out of the room and up to the roof. I could see the houses and mansions that built up the Castle and even the Four Peaks of Grief were visible far away in the distance. There was no one on the roof but when I turned around I saw that the portal had materialised next to me.

      “Danira, what are you doing?” Ridge had followed me. “Do you want to go home?”

      Tears sprung to my eyes at the thought of seeing my parents again. “Yes, I really do but there are still hundreds of blood-slaves here.”

      Moving to my side, Ridge brushed the hair from my face, his cool fingertips making my skin tingle pleasantly. “Jet and Ferriday have agreed to do it. You’ve done enough.” He took my hand in his. “Come on, let’s go and see how furious your father is.”

      “I think you’re forgetting someone.” A familiar voice rang out.

      My heart dropping like a stone I turned around to find Lady Prenalla stood at the edge of the roof. Her golden hair was piled on top of her head and she was wearing a black dress that was covered in jewels.

      “Hello, Danira.” She smiled but her grey eyes filled with hate. “And Ridge it is a surprise to see you again and rather disappointing if I’m honest; Christian is a lot more fun. Isn’t he?”

      “Yes, my queen, he is,” Aurelia answered appearing from nowhere dragging a pale Gina after her.

      Ridge grabbed my arm to stop me from attacking Aurelia. How had she escaped?

      “Let Gina go!” I cried.

      Lady Prenalla cocked her head to the side amused. “A minute ago you had forgotten about her.”

      I blushed feeling guilty. “Why are you doing this?”

      “You haven’t worked it out yet, have you?” She reached out a pale hand and wrapped it around Gina’s neck.

      Gina whimpered and gazed at me pleadingly.

      “I believe you have my necklace.”

      Gaping at Lady Prenalla in shock I whispered. “You’re Mireille?”

      “Finally,” she sighed rolling her eyes. “You humans really are stupid.”

      “But why are you doing this now? Bloodlust was killed ages ago.”

      Mireille hissed. “You dare speak his name. I have been biding my time waiting for you.”

      “Me? Why me?”

      Ridge pulled me closer, his body tense.

      “You are the one destined to defeat me, to finish off what your ancestors began all those years ago.”

      I thought back to when Pegasus had told me that the Portal Keepers had forced Mireille back through the portal to the Realm of the Undead. “You can’t go through the portal.”

      “No,” replied Mireille. “But the vampires I create can.”

      “You created Aurelia,” Ridge said shocked.

      Mireille waved her hand absently. “I am very careful about who I turn. I only give my blood to those who will be of use to me.”

      “The Vampire Lords and Xavier,” I whispered, things slowly becoming clearer. “That’s why they cannot die.”

      Mireille’s laugh sounded like broken glass falling to the floor. “Oh they can, my dear, but only by my hands.”

      “But why did you help us when we were looking for the Infinity Blade?” I asked confused.

      “Oh that was just a bit of fun, as was telling you that you were the only person that could stop the Vampire Lords. It was all to see what you were capable of. Now that’s enough talking. It’s time for a snack.” Mireille’s fangs extended and she plunged them into Gina’s neck.

      Gina screamed and I fought to break free of Ridge’s grip, cursing and swearing.

      “Let her go you bitch! It’s me you want.”

      Licking the blood from her lips, Mireille released her hold on Gina. “Mm, yes that is true, but I will savour the look on your face for an eternity.”

      “You don’t have an eternity.”

      In my hand the Infinity Blade was straining to escape my grasp, eager to spill Mireille’s blood.

      Gina was sobbing where she lay on the ground, clutching a hand to her bloody neck.

      Without any warning Mireille lunged at me, her jaws wide and her eyes wild. Ridge yanked me backwards and I saw Xavier jump in front of Mireille. He burst into ashes and his screams mixed with Gina’s. They were the last thing I heard as Ridge and I were plunged into the darkness of the portal.



Danira will return in Book Three of the Portal Keepers series.


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