No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

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Portal Keepers Book 2 (The sequel to 'Would You Like Brains With That?').
Danira travels back to the Realm of the Undead to stop humans being used as blood-slaves.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


34. Letters and Blood Tasting


      Two days later I found several letters in my hand when I awoke. I opened the first one up wondering who it could be from.



      Jayden and I got back yesterday only to find that you had gone! I can’t believe that you traded yourself for Gina, who doesn’t seem very nice, or that grateful, to be honest. We had no luck finding the Infinity Blade, but aren’t going to give up. Not much has happened since you left but there are more zombies than ever. It’s a shame we can’t go play Zombie Bombing.

      Jayden says hi. He’s worried that something bad is going to happen and my ghost senses tell me that he’s right.

      Miss you lots and hope you’re ok,



      A smile formed on my lips. I could imagine the look of concentration on Bertie’s face as he focused on holding the pen as he wrote the letter. I couldn’t believe that I had just missed seeing him and Jayden. Bertie must have walked through the walls to deliver the letters to me.

      The next letter was from Leila, Aidan, Kelsey and Scott. It looked like Leila had written it.



      It’s not the same without you. We all miss you so much, especially Kelsey.

      We’ve heard that there’s an important ball coming up but neither Ferriday nor Pegasus has been invited. Is Nevrac going?

      Bertie said that if you leave a reply on your bed that he will pick it up later.

      Your friend Gina sure can talk a lot, can’t she? She’s ok, but she’s not you.


      Leila, Aidan, Kelsey and Scott.


      The final letter was from Gina and I was slightly reluctant to read it.



      What the hell is going on? Why did Ferriday trade you for me? Your friends say that it’s because you want to protect me from Nevrac, but I don’t need protecting, Danira, I can look after myself. Everything was going fine until you came along, but just like at college you’ve ruined everything. What gives you the right to butt in? Just because you beat Russell Pitts in an arm-wrestle you think you can do whatever you want, well you can’t. You’re an interfering busybody who needs to be put in her place.

      Your friends keep saying how much they miss you. Even Scott is pining after you. It’s disgusting. You’ve got them all wrapped around your finger, but not me. I don’t like you and I know that you don’t like me, so undo the deal. I would rather have Nevrac as my owner than be at Ferriday’s and surrounded by your groupies.

      Don’t bother writing me a reply. I want nothing to do with you.


      To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. Why on Earth was Gina so angry with me? Why couldn’t she just thank me and move on? Surely I had just done her a huge favour? I had never met such an ungrateful person. I angrily scrunched her letter into a ball.

      “Danira, hurry up.” Zara called from outside the door.

      Realising that I was alone in the room I quickly got dressed in the black clothes that were indeed a uniform of sorts. I had been given Gina’s old black clothes, and since she was curvier than I was, they hung off me a little (none of the clothes that I had brought with me were black).

      “Sorry,” I apologised as I slid onto a chair in the kitchen after having a wash in the bathroom.

      “That’s ok.” Zara told me placing a bowl of what actually resembled cat’s vomit in front of me.

      I asked warily. “Uh what’s this?”  

      “Porridge à la Zara,” Todd sighed from where he was sat beside me. “It tastes better than it looks.”

      That was a relief to hear. Zara was in charge of cooking, and wasn’t as good a cook as Aidan. She tried though so we couldn’t complain.

      “It’s the ball tonight.” Todd said as he polished off his porridge.

      “Who is hosting it?” I asked, hesitantly tasting my breakfast.

      Todd had been right, it didn’t taste that bad.

      “The Vampire Lords, so we have to be on our best behaviour.” Zara replied, coming to sit opposite me. Green bruises covered her neck.

      Anticipation filled me. That would be my chance to get close to the Vampire Lords, but only if Nevrac took me. “Who is Nevrac taking?”

      “You, me and Zara,” Todd answered. “Rosie and Mike usually get chosen to go to balls, but not tonight.”

      Excellent! But my joy disappeared when I realised that I wouldn’t be able to do anything to hurt the Vampire Lords, what with all the vampires that would be around. Maybe I could get them alone and try and stake them? That didn’t really sound like a good plan though, because the Vampire Lords were probably really old vampires that would be super quick and strong. Hmm maybe I should just lay low during the ball. That was probably a better idea. It could be a research mission to find out what the Vampire Lords looked like etc.

      “Hey, what happened to those six blood-slaves that Nevrac won the other night from that poker game?” I asked, thinking that I hadn’t seen any of them around.

      Zara blanched. “They’re gone, Danira.”

      “What do you mean?” I whispered, not liking her tone.

      “He killed them all.” Todd answered.

      I was horrified. “All six of them?”

      Todd nodded. “He does that sometimes. Just be grateful it wasn’t you.”

      “You’d better go replace Mike, Todd.” Zara said her voice emotionless.

      He gave a sigh and shuffled out of the room.

      “Do you have any paper and a pen I can use?” I asked, scraping the last remains of the porridge from my bowl. My hands were shaking and I took a deep breath to calm myself. That could have been me that Nevrac had murdered. Why had he saved me?

      “I’ll see what I can find.” she told me.

      Mike walked into the room looking downcast. “Nevrac’s hungry today.” he muttered rubbing his punctured neck as he dropped down onto a chair.

      Mike and Rosie were identical twins. It was actually quite unnerving when they sat down next to each other.

      “Chloe’s arm got broken last night.” Zara sighed, resting her chin in her palm.

      Chloe was one of the ‘night-shifters’. I hadn’t met any of the ‘night-shifters’ yet but I had heard them moving around during the night.

      Todd suddenly appeared at the door looking uneasy. “He’s asking for you.” he told me.

      I saw Zara and Mike exchange a glance. It seemed that they had noticed how often Nevrac was asking for me. Silently I stood up and ascended the stairs. Nevrac was in his study with Christian. I hadn’t dreamed of Ridge since the nightmare about him drinking my blood and every time I saw Christian I could feel the possibility of seeing Ridge again move further and further away. Nevrac clicked his fingers and I automatically went to his side. He lifted my wrist to his mouth and speared my skin with his fangs. I didn’t even wince.

      “You ask for that one a lot, your Grace.” Christian commented, his dark eyes flickering to me for the briefest of seconds.

      I yearned so much to reach out and touch him but I had to force myself not to, not even daring to imagine how Nevrac and Christian would react if I did.

      Nevrac’s lips were bloody when he lifted them from my wrist. Flashing his fangs he said. “She’s special.” holding my blood smeared wrist out to Christian he asked. “Would you like a taste?”

      Fear ran down my spine. What did he mean I was special? Did he know who I was?

      Christian’s dark eyes were fixed on my wrist as he leaned towards it. Both Nevrac and I had expected him to drink from my wrist but instead he surprised us both by only wiping some of my blood onto his cool finger and tasting it. My heart skipped a beat at his touch and memories of Ridge sprang into my mind. I hastily pushed them away aware that I was blushing.

      Christian was silent and his eyes met mine for a millisecond before he glanced away. Nevrac gestured for me to move away and I waited beside the door.

      I couldn’t get the way Christian had looked at me out of my mind. It hadn’t been of disgust or distaste like it usually was. It had been of confusion and suspicion. Had my blood triggered some memories? Not long after that Christian left and I opened the door for him. I could have sworn that he paused for a moment before gliding past me.


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