No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

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Portal Keepers Book 2 (The sequel to 'Would You Like Brains With That?').
Danira travels back to the Realm of the Undead to stop humans being used as blood-slaves.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


3. If This Is What Sleepovers Are Like Then I Don't Want To Go To Another One


      “What is that?” I asked staring at the object in Gina’s hand.

      She looked at me like I was crazy. “It’s a DVD, duh.”

      I rolled my eyes. “I know that, but what’s the movie called?”

      She flipped the DVD case back over and I read the title. “’The Vampire Slayers’,”

      “Yeah,” Gina smiled. “Vampire books and movies are all the rage at the moment.” she stared at me accusingly. “You do read vampire romance novels don’t you?”

      “Yeah,” I lied. “Of course I do. I love them.”

      Gina didn’t look convinced and handed me the two other DVDs that she had brought to Faith’s house. One was simply called ‘Blood’ while the other was named ‘Forbidden Love’. I read the blurbs on the backs of the cases and all of them sounded boring.

      “Which one shall we put on first?” Gina asked, snatching the DVDs from me and presenting them to Faith and Debbie.

      I wished that I hadn’t come to this stupid sleepover. So far we had changed into our PJs as soon as we had gotten to Faith’s house, even though it had only been half past four. What had been the point in that? Then we had given each other makeovers, which I had not enjoyed at all, especially since Gina had been the one to give me a makeover which meant that I had looked positively hideous. We had also exchanged Secret Santa presents. I had been Faith’s Secret Santa, so I had bought her a poster of someone called Taylor Lautner who was apparently “really buff and cute”, but I didn’t see the appeal myself. Faith had loved the poster though, probably because Taylor wasn’t wearing a shirt in it, but then he hadn’t been wearing a shirt in any of the posters that I had looked at. Gina was my Secret Santa and she gave me a bar of soap. She was such a good friend to me.   

      We were in Faith’s room and looking around I saw posters of ‘famous’ celebrities that I had never heard of as well as lots of pink fluffy stuff. It was the complete opposite of my room, which had no posters at all.

      “Hello Danira? We’re putting ‘Forbidden Love’ on is that ok?” Gina demanded.

      “Sure.” I answered pulling my sleeping bag around me.

      I lost interest in the movie after the first five minutes and found myself thinking about Ridge as I stuffed junk food into my mouth. Was our love forbidden? After all I was still ageing while Ridge was just his perfect self, frozen for all of time. Would the day come when I would be on my deathbed, all wrinkly and infirm, and Ridge would still be there by my side, forever young? Tears formed in my eyes and I hastily blinked them away. Pushing my dark thoughts to the back of my mind I focused on the movie.

      The film neared the end and the female protagonist got turned by her vampire boyfriend because he had bitten her, which was not how humans became vampires, but I wasn’t about to point that out.

      When ‘Forbidden Love’ had finished Gina put ‘Blood’ on. It was even worse than the first film. I pretended to watch it but my thoughts were elsewhere.

      “Hey,” Faith said elbowing me gently to get my attention. “What did you think of that movie? Vampires are freaks huh?”

      I smiled and nodded silently.

      Gina gleefully put ‘The Vampire Slayers’ on and I encased myself deeper in my sleeping bag, not wanting to watch a hot male human stake vampires and then fall in love with a female vampire. I winced every time a vampire burst into ashes, telling myself that it wasn’t Ridge, so I shouldn’t be feeling so stressed.

      “Wow,” Debbie said when the movie had finished. “That was so good, wouldn’t it be so cool if vampires actually existed.”

      Gina snorted. “I doubt that any of them would be as hot as the vampires in those movies.”

      Ridge was way hotter than all of them.

      “Hey guys, guess what I’ve got.” Gina was rummaging around in her bag and pulled out a box.

      Faith gave a gasp. “It’s hair dye.”

      “Yeah,” Gina grinned. “Let’s dye our hair.”

      “I don’t know... my mum would totally flip.” Debbie said looking extremely worried.

      “It’s just a bit of hair dye, don’t be such a baby.”

      Debbie shook her head. “No, Gina, no way.”

      “What about you Faith?” she asked, eyes glinting.

      “What colour is it?”

      “I’ve got red and blonde.” Gina answered, retrieving another box.

      Faith examined the ends of her blonde hair. “I don’t think red would suit me.”

      “You guys are no fun.” Gina moaned. Then finally her eyes fell on me. “What about you, Danira? Or are you too chicken?”

      I narrowed my eyes at her. How dare she? I’d staked vampires and been sacrificed. What the hell had Gina done that could top that? Learnt her times tables?

      Gina must have thought that I was going to say no because she started making chicken noises.

      Taking the box of red hair dye from her I said. “I want streaks.”


      Once the deed was done everyone wanted to go to bed except Gina.

      “Come on guys, let’s stay up. It’s only early.” she moaned.

      I glanced at the clock on Faith’s wall. It was after one o’clock in the morning.

      “No way,” Faith yawned, flopping on her bed. “I’m too tired.”

      Debbie nodded drowsily in agreement from her sleeping bag at the foot of Faith’s bed, and I silently lay down beside the window.

      “Fine,” Gina muttered moving to lie beside Faith’s bed.

      Closing my eyes I waited for sleep to come but it wouldn’t. I could hear four sets of breathing, including my own, and the ticking of Faith’s clock, but that wasn’t why I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about the films that we had watched, especially ‘Forbidden Love’. Would Ridge change me if I asked him to? I wondered.

      Growing hot and flustered I stood up and opened the window. I breathed in the refreshing cold air and sighed. I hadn’t had these types of thoughts before watching those stupid movies. I should just forget all about them. I hoped that I could.

      There was movement and I jumped when someone peered over the window ledge.

      “Ridge,” I whispered smiling.

      He grinned at me, making my pulse quicken. “Are you going to invite me in?”

      “Come in.”

      “You didn’t tell me that you were going to a sleepover.” he said slipping inside and pulling me into his arms.

      “I must have forgotten.” I gazed around the room making sure that Debbie, Faith and particularly Gina were all still asleep.

      “What have you done to your hair?”

      Suddenly regretting dyeing my hair I whispered. “Does it look bad?”

      “No, it looks good.” Ridge ran his fingers through the strands of red.

      “How did you find me?” I asked kissing him on the cheek.

      “I followed your scent. I could find you anywhere.”

      I clung to Ridge. His presence reassured me and made me relax.

      “What’s the matter?” he asked rubbing my arm.

      I shook my head. “Nothing, just these stupid vampire films that Gina brought,”

      Ridge tensed, his dark eyes worried. “Does she know?”

      “I don’t think so. I hope not.” Gina couldn’t know, could she?

      Gina mumbled in her sleep and I got ready to jump back into my sleeping bag, but she didn’t wake up.

      “Oh, by the way Mum said that we can go out. Dad isn’t happy about it though. Mum took charge for once. They’ve been arguing ever since.” I told him feeling bad.

      “She must have liked me then.”

      I couldn’t help but smile. “How could she not? Anyway you are way hotter than any of the vampires in those stupid movies.”

      Ridge chuckled. “What are you after?”

      I opened my mouth to ask if he would change me into a vampire if I wanted him to, but he was gone.

      “Danira, what the hell are you doing? It’s freezing!” Gina hissed her eyes narrowed at me.

      “Sorry.” I muttered closing the window.

      Dragging myself back over to my sleeping bag I wished that Ridge hadn’t gone. Then cool lips pressed against my head and my heart leapt with joy as Ridge pulled me into his arms. We stayed like that content just to hold each other.


      “How was the sleepover?” Mum asked when I got back home. Her back was to me so she hadn’t noticed my hair yet.

      “Awful,” I groaned. “I didn’t know that was what people did at sleepovers.”

      “Why?” turning around her eyes grew wide when she saw my hair. “Danira... what did you do?”

      Annoyance filled me. I thought Ridge had said it looked good?

      “Gina called me a chicken. I’m not a chicken.”

      Mum gave a weak smile. “I just wish that you’d asked first. It looks nice. I don’t know what your father is going to say though.”

      Dad chose that moment to walk into the kitchen. “What on Earth have you done to your hair?” he demanded. “Was it him? Was it Ridge? Did you do it for him?”

      I suppressed a groan. “Dad, it wasn’t Ridge. It was Gina. Anyway I don’t see what the big deal is. I only got streaks, it’s not like I chopped it all off.”

      His eyes were slits. “We will discuss it later. Go to your room. I want to speak with your mother alone.”

      I left the kitchen, hoping that Mum wouldn’t get in even more trouble because of me. Hovering outside the door I managed to overhear some of what Dad was saying.

      “...rebelling... hair... boyfriend... needs to be kept in line...”

      Gulping anxiously I bolted upstairs before Dad caught me listening and decided to discipline me. 

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