No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

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Portal Keepers Book 2 (The sequel to 'Would You Like Brains With That?').
Danira travels back to the Realm of the Undead to stop humans being used as blood-slaves.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


32. Flynn Hamilton and Gina



      Cool breath on the back of my neck drew me into consciousness. The room was dark, but I knew who was standing over me immediately.

      “Ridge,” I whispered, feeling relief, love, joy and happiness.

      I realised then that it was a dream. Ridge would need to be invited into my room before he could come in, plus there was the fact that he was Christian now.

      Groaning I rolled onto my side as Ridge sat down on my bed. He stroked my cheek silently and I sat up. I could make out his outline and reached out a hand to touch his cool skin. Ridge kissed my hand and then pulled me into a hug. I sniffed, fighting back tears. Then Ridge had plunged his fangs into my neck and refused to let go. I begged and pleaded for him to stop but he pushed his fangs in deeper, ripping my artery, making blood cascade down my neck.

      I woke with a strangled cry to find myself in bed, covered in sweat. I pressed my face to my pillow to muffle my sobs so that I wouldn't wake Kelsey, who had slept in my bed again. When I was awake I could control my thoughts. Unfortunately that wasn't possible when I was dreaming.


      “Have you... have you seen him?” I asked, unable to bring myself to say the name.

      Jet gazed at me, his eyes sad. “Yes I have.” he leaned over and squeezed my hand gently. “There’s no trace of Ridge at all. I’ve mentioned your name several times, but there’s no recognition. I’m so sorry, Danira.”

      Fighting tears I asked. “There’s no way of bringing him back is there?” my nightmare had made me feel less hopeful than I usually did.

      “You said before that you think it is Lady Prenalla that is compelling Ridge to be Christian?” at my nod, Jet continued. “Why don’t you go and speak with her? Find out why she is doing it and ask her to stop?”

      “Would you go with me?”

      He smiled. “Of course I would, Danira.”

      “We'll go after I've stopped the Vampire Lords.” I replied, wondering not for the first time what I had done for Lady Prenalla to meddle in my life like that. It was almost as if she was punishing me.

      “Is there any way that I can help?” Jet asked.

      “Are you close to the Vampire Lords?”

      “I’m afraid not.”

      Brushing my hair from my face I replied. “Can you keep a look out for the Infinity Blade then? Things really would be a whole lot easier if we had it.”

      “Danira, do you want me to come with you when you roam the streets killing vampires?”

      I shook my head, grateful for the offer. “No, it's something I have to do by myself.”


     For several days I had been tracking a vampire called Flynn Hamilton. If you were to pass him in the street, you wouldn't think that he was anything out of the ordinary for a vampire. And apart from being exceedingly cruel, he wasn't. I had observed him and seen the way he treated his blood-slaves. Having decided that Flynn deserved a home visit, I changed into my red dress that had no back. I would have worn the earrings that Luca had given me but I had thrown them away. I'd tried to remove Mireille's emerald, but the clasp wouldn't undo. It was a pain in the neck. Literally. I took my collar off not wanting to get Ferriday in trouble in case something went wrong and someone recognised his crest.

      The bruised blood-slave that answered the front door didn't seem to know what to do when I told him that I was a gift for his master. Eventually he invited me inside. I stepped into a modern hallway which was sparsely decorated. The human then led me to where Flynn was lounging in the library before knocking timidly on the door and gesturing for me to enter the room. Flynn's pale eyes watched as I closed the door behind me and came to stand directly in front of him.

      “What do we have here?” he asked, closing his book.

      He was dressed in a smart shirt, trousers and boots. His straight, dark hair fell to his shoulders.

      Letting my cloak fall to the ground I smiled. “I am a gift.”

      “A gift from whom?” Flynn asked curiously as he ran his eyes along my body. He licked his lips, liking what he was seeing.

      “The Vampire Lords,”

      His eyes widened. “What have I done to deserve such a reward?”

      I twisted some of my hair around a finger, gazing at him playfully. “I don't know, but you must have been a very good boy.” I sat down on his lap, trying not to flinch when his rested his cool hands on my thigh and back. Brushing his hair from his face I trailed a finger along his jaw.

      “You're very confident for a blood-slave.” Flynn said his eyes on my neck. “I've never met one like you before.”

      I leaned closer, my lips hovering over his ear. “That's because I'm one of a kind.” as soon as the words had left my mouth I staked him in the chest.

      Flynn Hamilton burst into a puff of ashes.

      He had been the owner of three blood-slaves who I successfully sent home through the portal later that night. There had been even more guards, but I had taken care of them all, receiving more bruises, a dislocated shoulder and even a broken finger for my trouble.     


      Two days later Ferriday’s friend Dane was hosting a ball. I was making myself go even though Christian Lamont would be sure to attend with Aurelia. Luca might even be there. A showdown between him and Christian would be very interesting. We were making Kelsey go with us all to the ball, and I think it was because I was going as well that she wasn’t very nervous. I helped her get ready.

      “Can I put a clip in your hair?” she asked turning around to face me.

      Nodding, I bent down and felt Kelsey slide the clip into my hair by my ear.

      “There we go.” she told me.

      I stood up straight and kissed her head in thanks.

      Leila burst into my room and skipped over to us. “Oh thank goodness we’re not wearing the same colour.” she giggled.

      Leila’s dress was deep red with a halter-neck, whereas mine was strapless and navy blue.

      Kelsey gave us a twirl in her dress saying. “What do you think, Leila?”

      She smiled. “You look beautiful.”

      Kelsey was wearing a silver dress with white feathers.

      After that we left for Dane’s estate. We were silent as we reached the front door. Pegasus, Leila and Scott who were in front of Aidan, Kelsey, Ferriday and me, were greeted by Dane. When it was Ferriday’s turn to be introduced to the host, Dane welcomed him warmly. Then we went into the ballroom. The lights were dimmed and the ceiling had been made to look like the night sky. My breath caught in my throat and the sight of it and I felt suddenly sad when I realised how much I had missed seeing the night sky, the sun and moon as well.

      “Looks amazing, doesn’t it?” a voice asked from beside me.

      I nodded and turned to see Jet smiling at me. We were stood alone in the no man’s land that was the area between the vampires and the humans. Gazing around, I saw that Ferriday and Pegasus were talking to a vampire that I hadn’t seen before. Aidan, Scott, Leila, and Kelsey were over talking to Teri and Nadia. My eyes continued to scan the room, and I became aware that I was looking for a particular dark haired vampire.

      “Are you sure that you want to be here?” Jet asked taking a glass from a passing blood-slave.

      I gave him a weak smile and had another quick glance around the room. My heart skipped a beat and a wave of sorrow rushed through me. There he was. And there she was, that blonde... bimbo. They glided across the room their laughter melodic. A cool hand wrapped squeezed my shoulder reassuringly. I tore my eyes away from Christian and Aurelia to find Jet watching me looking concerned.

      “I’m fine.” I whispered, blinking away the tears that threatened to form.

      Taking a deep breath I turned to walk over to where my friends were gathered, and nearly had a heart attack when I saw a familiar head. She had loved the blonde streaks so much that she had gotten them done again, professionally that time. Gina. I jumped up on my tiptoes to see who she was following after into the mêlée of vampires.


      I groaned. It just had to be him, didn’t it?

      “What’s the matter?” Jet asked.

      “My friend, Gina, the one I’ve been looking for since I first got here. I’ve found her. She’s over there. Her master is Nevrac.” I told him.

      There had to be something I could do. Nevrac was one of the worst masters a human could have. I had seen some of his blood-slaves with bruises, broken arms, and black eyes. I shuddered, remembering the time that Nevrac had hit one of his slaves with such force into a stone column that the column had toppled over, and the poor girl had died.

      “I need to talk to Ferriday.” I muttered unhappily.

      Jet gazed at me suspiciously. “Right now? Why?”

      “Can you go and get him for me please?”

      Ferriday was talking to another vampire so I couldn’t go over there. With a sigh, Jet did as I had asked and disappeared into the throng of vampires. I chewed my lip anxiously as I watched Gina stand behind Nevrac with two other slaves. As far as I could see she seemed fine. I hoped that Nevrac hadn’t hurt her.

      Ferriday glided over to meet me and led me away to a corridor. “What is it?” he asked fretfully. “Jet said that it was important.”    

      My tone was serious. “It is. Nevrac is my friend Gina’s owner.”

      Ferriday gave me a sympathetic look, which was followed by an ‘is that all?’ expression. It seemed he was eager to get back to the ballroom.

      I ran a hand through my hair saying. “You need to trade me for Gina. It’s the only way that Nevrac will agree to give Gina up because as soon as you take an interest in her he will be suspicious.”

      “No, I won’t, Danira.”

      “Please,” I pleaded, my voice strained. “She’s my friend. I can’t let him hurt her.” when his stern expression didn’t change, I added. “If you don’t talk to Nevrac about it then I will.”

      His eyes widened and he sighed, defeated. “Fine, if you’re certain?”

      “I am.”

      Ferriday strode away scowling and Jet appeared at my side. “What are you doing?” he growled.

      I narrowed my eyes at him, not liking his tone. “She’s my friend, Jet.”

      Gripping my wrist he told me. “Don’t do this, Danira. Nevrac will hurt you, you know he will.”

      “Better me than Gina.”

      “I promised Ridge that if anything happened to him that I would look after you, and that’s what I intend to do.” Jet started dragging me down the hallway.

      “Hey!” I yelled angrily. “Stop it! You can’t do this!”

      The next thing I knew Jet had stopped. My heart felt like it was being crushed in a vice when I saw why.

      Christian’s dark eyes were sparkling with amusement. “Sorry, Jet, did I interrupt you?”

      “It doesn’t matter.” he said, tightening his hold on me.

      “I haven’t seen you for a while.” Christian told him, not even sparing me a glance. “You have to come to my estate soon. Aurelia was saying how she would like to get to know you better.”

      At the sound of that harpy’s name it felt like a knife had been plunged into my gut and twisted.

      Jet’s smile was forced. “I would like that. Please excuse me, Christian. Have a good evening.”

      I willingly followed him down the corridor and outside, tears sliding down my cheeks. 

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