No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

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Portal Keepers Book 2 (The sequel to 'Would You Like Brains With That?').
Danira travels back to the Realm of the Undead to stop humans being used as blood-slaves.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


11. Explanations of Past and Present Events


      Aidan laughed. “What? You want to leave here?”

      I gritted my teeth. How was that funny? “Yes, I need to find my friends.”

      Shaking his head he looked at me with serious blue eyes. “You are far safer staying here, believe me.”

      “You mean you actually like being a blood-slave?”     

      “No I don’t, but Ferriday isn’t like the other vampires. He doesn’t drink from me. He only bought me, and you, because he wants to be popular and the way to be popular at the moment is to have human slaves.”

      I was silent as I digested this. “So he’s not actually going to drink from us?” I asked.


      “Oh...” that was a relief.

      Aidan peered at me curiously. “So how come you already know about vampires and the Realm of the Undead?”

      I figured that I might as well tell him the truth seeing how we were both blood-slaves. “My parents look after the portal and run a café for the Undead.”

      “Wow, so how come you’re here then?”

      I lay back on the bed. “I’m on a rescue mission, but now it looks like I need rescuing too.”

      “Who are you rescuing?” Aidan asked with interest.

      “A friend and all the humans that have been brought here,”

      By a friend I meant Gina. Ridge was a friend but much more. I didn’t think he would need rescuing, however you never know.

      “There are just over a hundred humans here, but more come every day. You really want to rescue us all?”

      I sat up. “Yes, the Vampire Lords need to be stopped. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.”

      Aidan raised his eyebrows. “You’ve stopped the Vampire Lords before?”

      “It was a few months ago. The old Vampire Lords wanted to change the nature of the portal so that all of the Undead could go through it and wreak havoc in the Realm of the Living.”

      “Wow, and you stopped them? That’s amazing!”

      Saying nothing I decided that I wouldn’t tell him about my vampire aspects.

      “Anyway, do you want to see the rest of the slaves’ quarters?”

      I nodded and Aidan led me back out to the corridor. The third door led to another bedroom which was set out pretty much the same as mine. Through the fourth door was a big bathroom complete with a separate bath and shower, and a sink and toilet. The floor looked like it was marble and there was a massive mirror that filled one side of the room.

      “Finally, there’s the kitchen.” Aidan said, opening the fifth door.

      We went inside and I couldn’t have been any more shocked. It was a modern stainless steel kitchen with lots of counters, appliances and a breakfast bar with stools.

      “Why is the kitchen so big and new?” I wondered, sitting down on one of the stools.

      Aidan went over to the fridge and opened the door. “Ferriday wants us to be fit and healthy so he imports food, which I cook. Are you hungry?”

      I nodded and rubbed my eyes, suddenly tired. Aidan pulled ingredients out from the fridge and started chopping stuff up.

      “How is there even electricity here?” 

      Aidan shrugged. “I don’t know but I’m glad there is.”

      Nodding I said. “So what do you do for Ferriday then?”

      “Not much really, it’s only when other vampires come that I have to be a butler.”

      I was suddenly nervous. “So what will I have to do?”

      Aidan looked me up and down. “He’ll probably want to show you off at parties. You’re prettier than I am.”


      After a meal of lasagne which had been surprisingly tasty, Aidan took me back through to the main part of the mansion. Pointing to a huge wooden grandfather clock Aidan said. “Ferriday and all the other vampires keep clocks around their houses so that we can have a normal twenty-four hour day.”

      “How thoughtful,” I muttered.

      Reading the clock face I saw that it was now mid afternoon. I frowned. It had been night when I had left the Realm of the Living. My body clock was going to be messed up for a while.

      “Ah, there you are.” Ferriday beamed as Aidan and I walked into a huge room filled with paintings. A gallery perhaps? It seemed that Ferriday liked his paintings.

      I smiled at him as he held out a pale, slender hand. Shaking his cool hand I said. “From what Aidan has been saying about you, I’m glad that you bought me.”

      Ferriday nodded. “I only wish that I could afford to buy all of the humans that are being brought through the portal. What is your name, my dear?”

      Aidan looked at me curiously, aware that he hadn’t asked my name before.

      “I’m Danira,”

      “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Danira.” seeing that I was scratching at my collar he gave me a weak smile. “I’m sorry about that, but it is a necessary evil.”

      “I’ll leave you to talk.” Aidan said before walking off in the direction we had come from.

      “You understand where you are and what I am?” Ferriday asked, gazing at a nearby painting.

      I nodded and explained who I was.

      “Oh my,” he gasped. “It is indeed fortunate that I was the one to buy you. If the Vampire Lords knew who you were they would have wanted you for themselves. They still will do if they find out. We will have to be careful.”

      “I came to the Realm of the Undead to stop the Vampire Lords. Can I count on your support?”

      Ferriday raised an eyebrow in surprise. “But of course, I am dedicated to helping humans in any way possible.”

      “Are you a member of the society?” I asked eagerly, thinking that maybe he knew Ridge.

      He looked bemused. “How do you know about that?”

      “My... boyfriend is a member.”

      My heart gave a splutter at the thought of Ridge, which Ferriday didn’t miss. “Your boyfriend is a vampire?” Ferriday said shocked.

      I turned my eyes to a nearby painting of a forest, wondering how he knew Ridge was a vampire, but then I realised that it would be a lot weirder for a human to have a ghost or mummy boyfriend. A zombie boyfriend was totally out of the question.

      “Yes, I’m looking for him. His name is Ridge, do you know him?” I replied.

      “No, I’m sorry I do not. It is very... unusual for a vampire and a human to be involved romantically.”

      I hid a laugh. Ferriday obviously didn’t read vampire romance novels. 

      “I can make inquiries at the next meeting if you like?” he asked, obviously curious but refraining from questioning me further, which I was grateful for.

      “Yes please, that would be great.”

      “I must thank you for stopping the previous Vampire Lords. Do you still have the Infinity Blade?” Ferriday looked hopeful.

      Shaking my head I sighed. “It’s lost, but I’m hoping to find it again and use it against the current Vampire Lords.”

      “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how was it that you managed to survive? I take it that the Vampire Lords did not succeed in sacrificing you?”

      “Oh they did. Ridge used the Infinity Blade to bring me back to life but... we thought it had brought me back fully human but it didn’t. I’m half human and half vampire.”

      Ferriday’s eyes were wide. “You’re... unique.”

      “That’s one word to describe me.” I muttered. “But you can’t tell anyone who or what I really am.”

      “If that is what you wish, then of course I won’t tell anybody. Tell me, do you drink blood?”

      “No but I have the strength and agility of a vampire.” wanting to change the subject I asked. “So why did you buy me at the slave market? Aidan said that he acts as your butler so what do you want me for?”

      Ferriday smiled. “I’m sure he explained to you that having human slaves is the latest fashion? Well having a beautiful human such as you with me when I go to balls will be sure to look impressive. It is sad, I know, but the only way to rise up through the ranks is to do as everyone else does.”

      I blushed slightly at his compliment. Ridge and Xavier had been the only other people to call me beautiful. I wondered if I had become better looking now that I was half vampire. I had always thought that I was rather plain looking.

      “Your beauty came at a price though.”

      “I was expensive?” I asked in surprise.

      “Yes, but I am glad that I bought you. I can only imagine what would have happened to you if you were owned by another vampire.” Ferriday clapped his hands together making me jump. “Now there is a ball tomorrow, so we must go shopping in the morning. Until then, you can do what you please, however I must warn you that it would not be a good idea to wander around the Castle by yourself. If you wish to leave the mansion please take Aidan with you.”

      Thanking Ferriday I walked back to the slaves’ quarters deep in thought. I would have gone straight to bed, but deciding that my body clock was adjust far quicker if I didn’t, I had a long, only slightly relaxing bath before going into the kitchen and finding Aidan cooking something.

      “Good bath?” he asked from where he was leaning on the counter.

      I nodded and perched myself on a barstool.

      Aidan was gazing at me. “Are you alright? It’s hard to deal with having your freedom suddenly taken away.”

      “I’m okay.”

      It was a lie and we both knew it.

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