No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

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Portal Keepers Book 2 (The sequel to 'Would You Like Brains With That?').
Danira travels back to the Realm of the Undead to stop humans being used as blood-slaves.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


43. Embarrassment and Goodbyes

      “I really hate the Infinity Blade sometimes,” I murmured once my stomach had calmed down.

      Ridge picked me up and carried me out of the room.

      “Did it work?” I asked, resting my head on his chest. “Is Ferriday back?”

      Lowering me down onto the bathroom floor, Ridge brushed the hair from my face. “Yes it worked but you should have let me do it.”

      I closed my eyes and leaned back against the bath. “I’m starting to wish I had.” My heart was racing and I was struggling to breathe.

      With a sigh Ridge wiped the blood from my face, his touch gentle. Kissing my forehead he said. “The next time you attempt something big let me do it instead.”

      I nodded and gave him a weak smile.

      “How do you feel?” asked Ridge, caressing my cheek. “You look pale.”

      “I’m fine,” I answered struggling to my feet. Suddenly lightheaded I stumbled but Ridge caught me. “I’ll be better in a moment.”

      Holding me close Ridge muttered. “You are certainly your father’s daughter.”

      “Hey!” I punched him weakly. “I resent that!”

      Ridge chuckled.

      “So what now?” I asked feeling considerably better.

      “I’m going to get you out of those clothes.”

      My eyes widened and I gaped at him. My heart seemed to have stopped beating within my chest.

      Realising what he had said, Ridge spluttered. “That’s not what I meant! I... your... your clothes are covered in blood.”

      It was true; my top and jeans were stained with my friends’ blood as well as my own. 

      “I might have a quick shower if that’s ok?”

      Ridge nodded and left the room still embarrassed.

      I had what has to have been the quickest shower in history and I was in my underwear when Ridge walked into the bathroom carrying some clean clothes.

      “Leila found these for you,” he told me, his dark eyes running up and down me in a way that made me blush.

      “Thanks,” I said taking the clothes from him.

      I pulled on a pair of loose fitting jeans and then Ridge enveloped me in his arms.

      “Are you alright?” he asked, placing a cool hand on my back which made my heart race.

      “I will be when we’ve finally killed the Vampire Lords.”

      We exchanged a quick kiss and I pulled the t-shirt on.


      Ferriday surprised me by pulling me into his arms for a hug when Ridge and I returned to the ballroom. After thanking me he said. “I didn’t recognise the vampire that attacked us but she was very strong.”

      It occurred to me that Nevrac had probably told the Vampire Lords that Ferriday wasn’t being ‘true to his nature’ and that was why he and the others had been murdered. Had they gotten Pegasus as well? It seemed odd that they hadn’t murdered Ferriday publically. This felt different to the public killing that I had witnessed.

      “It has to be the Vampire Lords.”

      Ridge nodded in agreement.

      “Ridge and I are going after the Vampire Lords,” I told everyone. “I will summon the portal and you can all go home.”

      “We can help you,” Aidan told me seeming full of determination.

      I shook my head. “I appreciate the offer, but it’s too dangerous.”

      Pulling Kelsey off me, who had attached herself to my leg once Ferriday had released me, I used the Infinity Blade to call the portal. It arrived moments later.

      Leila gave a gasp and then flung herself at me. “I’m going home!” She squealed in delight, jumping up and down. “Thank you so much, Danira! Promise to keep in contact.”

      Smiling I replied. “The portal will take you to the café where I live. You can leave your details with my parents. Can you tell them that I’m ok?”

      She nodded and gave me another hug.

      Kelsey was next to say goodbye. “I don’t want to leave you here,” she whispered, brown eyes brimming with tears.

      “We’ll see each other again,” I told her, brushing loose strands of hair from her face.

      She gave a sob and went over to Leila.

      “Well, Danira,” Aidan said with a grin as he hugged me. “Things have certainly been more interesting since you came along.”

      I laughed. “Look after yourself, Aidan.”

      Last was Scott. “I guess I’ll see you at college,” he told me, scratching his head.

      “Yep, see you soon.”

      We hugged, but it was quick and slightly uncomfortable.

      Tears formed in my eyes as Leila, Kelsey, Aidan and Scott stepped through the portal. Ridge wrapped an arm around me and pressed his silky lips to my temple.

      “Do you want to go as well?” I asked Ferriday.

      He shook his head. “No, I will stay here and help you.”

      The portal disappeared with a loud clap and I sighed. I wished that I could go home too, but I still had work to do. At least my friends were safe now giving me one less thing to worry about.

      “What’s the plan?” Ferriday enquired.

      “We kill the Vampire Lords.”


      “Damn it,”

      Ridge, Ferriday and I were making our way through the Castle to where the Vampire Lords’ headquarters were, but we had turned a corner and not far away, heading straight for us, was Nevrac. I cursed again and ducked behind Ridge.

      “Christian,” Nevrac called sounding very irritated. “Where have you been? The warehouse has been destroyed.”

      I couldn’t help but smirk at this.

      Ridge muttered an excuse and I felt Nevrac’s gaze fall on me. I looked up and his cruel green eyes flickered from my bare neck, to Christian, to Ferriday and then down to the Infinity Blade on my finger.

      “What do we have here?” Nevrac asked, his eyes narrowing.

      “Nothing,” Ridge answered, his stance becoming protective.

      Nevrac raised an eyebrow. “Wrong answer,”

      Nevrac must have been really old, because he pushed Ridge and Ferriday aside as if they were made of paper. Then he lunged at me. The Infinity Blade was quicker though, and it embedded itself into Nevrac’s heart, which was funny because I hadn’t thought he had one. Duke Nevrac disintegrated into ashes.

      “I’ve wanted to do that for ages,” I muttered. “Good riddance.”

      Ridge and Ferriday got to their feet. Ridge seemed annoyed that Nevrac had pushed him aside so easily, but we continued on our way.

      The black, twisted building that was the Vampire Lords’ headquarters didn’t seem to have been damaged at all by the zombies’ assault on it. There were no guards around it which was odd.

      “What do we do?” Ferriday asked from where we were hiding on a nearby rooftop.

      “There you are.”

      I jumped and turned to see Jet who was grinning widely. I breathed a sigh of relief.

      “I’ve been following your trail of destruction all over the Castle.” He laughed slapping Ridge on the back as he hunkered down beside us.

      “It’s good to see you, Jet.” I smiled, feeling reassured by his presence.

      “Do you have a plan then?” he enquired.

      “I want to question the Vampire Lords when we find them. After that we can kill them.”

      I wanted to know whether they were behind Aurelia causing Xavier’s car to crash. Surely it had to be them?

      We searched the bottom floor of the building surprised when we didn’t find any guards.

      “Maybe they aren’t here?” Ferriday suggested as we ascended to the next floor.

      “They have to be,” I replied feeling far less confident than I sounded.

      We reached the top floor without seeing anyone else and paused outside two huge golden doors. I placed my hand on the door handle wondering what we would do if the Vampire Lords weren’t inside. But I needn’t have worried because they were.


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