No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

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Portal Keepers Book 2 (The sequel to 'Would You Like Brains With That?').
Danira travels back to the Realm of the Undead to stop humans being used as blood-slaves.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


5. Celebrations and a Disturbing Discovery


      A few days later I finally finished all my college work. I’d been so busy waitressing at the café that it had taken me longer than I had thought.

      I jumped down the stairs and bounded into the kitchen grinning. “I’ve finished!”

      Strangely instead of being in her apron and cooking something horrible, Mum was in her coat with her handbag in her hand.

      “Good timing, I was just about to ask if you wanted to come to the shops.” she beamed.

      My mouth practically dropped to the floor. “What?” I gaped in shock. “But you never go into town.”

      “I know, I thought that you and I should go shopping together since we haven’t done it in years.”

      “That would be great, but what about the café?”

      “Your father has agreed to do the cooking while I’m gone.”

      I arched an eyebrow. How had Mum managed to convince Dad to let me go to the shops? They were barely speaking as it was. I hated that they were arguing because of me.

      “At least the Undead are already dead, so Dad can’t kill them by food poisoning.” I commented.

      Mum gave a small smile. “He never could cook.”


      Two hours later Mum and I were still in the shopping centre. I was beginning to think that the shopping spree was to get back at Dad, because Mum had treated me to a couple of outfits, one of which involved a gorgeous dress and nice jewellery. Surprisingly Mum had also taken me into a lingerie shop and paid for a set of lacy underwear. I smiled to myself as we sat in a café taking a break. I planned to wear the dress and underwear that night when Ridge came to see me. I didn’t usually wear dresses, but I thought that Ridge might like it.

      “Are you having fun?” Mum asked me as she sipped her coffee.

      I grinned. “Yeah thanks Mum, it has been so great, we should do this more often.” if Dad lets us. I added silently.

      “Is there anywhere else you want to go?”

      I shrugged and scanned the nearby shops. It was busy seeing as there were sales on in all the shops. My heart nearly stopped when I saw Debbie, Faith and Gina headed towards us. Ducking my head I mumbled into my hot chocolate. “No there’s no where else I want to go.”

      “Oh my God, Danira!” Faith cried.

      I reluctantly looked up to find myself faced with a delighted looking Debbie and Faith, but an annoyed Gina. Her expression could have turned fresh milk sour.

      “Hi guys, this is my mum.”

      After pleasantries had been exchanged with Mum, she wandered off saying that I should spend some time with my friends.

      “Gina said that she asked if you wanted to come, but you said that you were working.” Debbie told me.

      “Yeah,” I smiled. “I was working but I just finished so Mum brought me out as a treat.”

      Gina narrowed her eyes at me and I glared back. She hadn’t asked if I had wanted to go out with them. She was such a liar.

      “Did you have an exciting Christmas and New Year?” Faith asked sitting down beside me.

      “Yes thanks, what about you guys?”

      They all answered that their Christmases and New Years had been good.

      “What have you been buying?” Debbie inquired.

      “Not much, just some clothes and shoes from the sales.”

      “Let’s have a look.” Gina grabbed my bags before I could stop her and started rummaging around in them. “Oh là là.” she crooned holding up my lacy underwear.

      I snatched everything back off her angrily, shoving them into the bags.

      “You sooo have a boyfriend.” Debbie cried gleefully.

      “I have to go. See you at college.” I said before hurrying away, my bags held tightly in my hands.


      As soon as we got home I went to my room. Ridge hadn’t stayed at mine so I threw my bags on my bed. I was frustrated with Gina and punched my pillow hoping to get rid of my pent up anger. Feathers flew everywhere and I held my pillow up to find that it had a hole in it. Had I done that? It must have been a rubbish pillow then. I threw it across the room and put my head in my hands. Why did Gina have to ruin everything? So what if a guy she liked fancied me? It wasn’t the end of the world. Not like it had been two months ago.

      I sat up straight. Two months ago? That meant that it was two months since Ridge and I got together! I was so going to dress up tonight. I grinned suddenly cheerful. Ridge wasn’t going to know what had hit him.

      My smile was wiped from my face when I heard the sobbing that was coming from Mum and Dad’s room. Standing up I went and hovered outside the door. I rarely went into Mum and Dad’s room, and neither did they except to change clothes.

      “Mum?” I called, knocking on the door. “Mum can I come in?”

      There was a muffled response and I slowly opened the door, unsure what I would find. Mum was sat on the bed crying. Her eyes were red and her usually pristine hair was wild.

      “Mum, what’s wrong?” I asked sitting down beside her and pulling her into my arms.

      She sniffed. “Nothing, I’m fine.”

      “You’re obviously not. Is it Dad? Are you two still fighting?”

      “No, it’s not that.” Mum told me, wiping her wet cheeks. “I’m sorry about your father, Danira. He will come around eventually. You know how he is.”

      I took her rough hands in mine. “I’m just glad that you managed to convince him to let me see Ridge.”

      “I know how important it is to fight for the person you love. My friends didn’t like Carlton. They warned me to stay away from him, but I didn’t. I loved him, and I knew that he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”

      This surprised me. “I didn’t know, I thought you lost contact with them.”

      She gave me a sad smile. “Just don’t give up on your father, Danira. My friends gave up on me. They were like my family. Family is so very important.”


      “Danira...” Ridge trailed off, his eyes wide as he stared at me.

      I had gone the whole hog; the tight black dress, the lacy underwear and lots of jewellery, my hair was up and I was even wearing make up.

      “What’s all this for?” Ridge asked sitting down at the edge of my bed, his eyes fixed on me.

      “It’s our anniversary.” I told him smiling.

      He ran his eyes down me in appreciation, and I couldn’t help but blush. “You look... amazing.”

      I sat up and kissed him. Ridge took a rogue feather from my hair and looped an arm around my waist.

      “What’s with the feathers?” he asked, brushing the feather along my bare shoulders.

      Goose-bumps formed on my skin. “I ruined my pillow.”

      Ridge frowned at that. “What? How did you do that?”

      “I punched it.” tilting my head I looked at Ridge playfully. “Don’t you want to see what I’ve got on underneath this?”

      Ridge pounced on me and I kissed him desperately. My heart was hammering loudly in my chest and I smiled when Ridge undid my hair so that it unravelled back down into its usual style.

      “I spent ages doing that.” I murmured, holding him close as he trailed kisses across my neck.

      He jumped backwards as if stung and I saw a patch of burnt skin on his cheek. My hand went to the chunky necklace I was wearing and I pulled it off, throwing it onto the floor. The bracelets and rings joined it.

      Ridge stopped me from removing my key necklace, even though it was silver, saying. “You shouldn’t take that off.”

      I gave him a sad smile and touched his cheek. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise that the other one was silver.”

      Ridge shrugged. “It doesn’t matter.”

      I pressed myself against him, wanting us to be as close as possible, and weaved my hands through his hair. Ridge kissed me, his hands on my waist. Pulling him down onto the bed I undid his shirt while kissing his cool neck. Ridge’s hand moved to my thigh and I sighed gripping his shoulders.

      “Danira that hurt,” his shocked eyes met mine.

      “What? How could it?”

      Ridge peeled off his shirt and I stared at the scratch marks on his shoulders.

      Sitting up I ran a hand through my hair, a gesture that showed my angst. “But... that’s not possible.” I whispered in confusion. Watching as the scratches healed I said. “I couldn’t have done that. I’m not strong enough.”      

      Ridge’s eyes were curious as he spoke. “Do something else.”

      “Like what?”

      “Punch me,”

      “No! I’ll hurt my hand.” I told him, panic blossoming in my chest.

      Ridge raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think you will.”

      I hesitated before punching him in the shoulder. Ridge winced in pain.

      “What is happening to me?” I whispered feeling numb.      

      Ridge took my hand, soothingly tracing patterns on it with his cold thumb. “It must have been the Infinity Blade. We thought that it had brought you back fully human, but it looks like it didn’t.”

      “Are you saying that I’m part vampire?”

      “It looks like it.”

      I ran my tongue along my teeth. “I’m not going to grow fangs and start craving blood am I?” I asked fearfully.

      Ridge enveloped me in his arms, seeing that how upset I was. “I don’t know, Danira.”

      I rested my face against his chest blinking away tears. “This is so unfair. So if I’m half human and half vampire, what will happen if I have more vampire blood?”

      Ridge stroked my hair. “My guess is that if you have even one more drop of vampire blood that you will become a full vampire.”

      What a turn off, and he hadn’t even seen my lacy underwear yet.

      When I didn’t speak Ridge kissed my head, holding me close. “We will just have to be careful.”

      I pushed away from him in exasperation. “We are already being careful. But if I’m as strong as you then you don’t need to worry about hurting me.”

      “You might not be able to heal as quickly as I can.” Ridge said, stroking my cheek.

      I flopped down on my bed. “This totally sucks. What a great start to the year. How am I supposed to tell Mum and Dad?”


      Dad looked like he was having a heart attack when we explained it to him. “You’re what?” he gasped turning a nasty shade of beetroot. I think he would have been less shocked if I’d told him I was pregnant. I don’t think my outfit was helping his blood pressure either.

      I was sat with my head in my hands on the sofa.

      Ridge placed a hand reassuringly on my shoulder. “Danira is half human, and half vampire.”

      Mum’s eyes were wide and I couldn’t bring myself to meet her gaze.

      “What about the Infinity Blade?” Dad demanded. “Can’t you use that to fix her?”

      Straightening up I glared at him. “I’m not broken Dad and I’m right here.” I said through gritted teeth.

      His eyes flickered to me before quickly looking away. Tears formed in my eyes.

      “Unfortunately the Infinity Blade is still lost.” Ridge told him. Ridge had said to me that after using the Infinity Blade to bring me back to life, it had been sucked from his hand and gone flying through the portal. “It could be anywhere.”

      “There must be something we can do.” Dad growled.

      Unable to stand it anymore I rushed out of the living room sobbing and curled up on my bed. Ridge came in and held me close.

      “He hates me. My own dad hates me.” I muttered my cheeks stained with tears. “He would rather that I was dead.”

      “That’s not true Danira, you know that he loves you, it was just a bit of a shock.”

      I looked up at him. My voice was frantic. “Change me. Give me some of your blood.”

      He was wary. “Danira you’re not thinking straight.”

      I cried out in frustration and scrunched my eyes up wishing that it was all just a bad dream.


      I awoke in the early hours of the morning in my bed, but not alone.

      “You stayed.” I whispered relieved, as I wrapped my arms around Ridge.

      “Of course I did.”

      “Thank you.”

      Ridge’s cool lips found mine in the dark.

      “Ridge, where is it that you go when you’re not with me?” I asked.

      Running a finger along my jaw he said. “I just wander around.”

      “But where do you stop when you go comatose as the sun rises?”

      “I have a flat not far from here.”

      Leaning up so that I could see his outline in the moonlight that was streaming through my curtains, I smiled. “I didn’t know you had a flat. Can I see it?”

      Ridge chuckled. “Maybe, if you play your cards right.”

      “You can stay here from now on if you want.” I told him, lying back down.

      “If that’s what you want.”

      “Ridge,” I said suddenly frightened. “Do you think that I will go comatose when the sun rises?”

      He shifted beside me and stroked my arm soothingly. “I doubt it, Danira. You don’t seem to crave blood, so I think it is unlikely that you will be unable to wake during the day. Anyway you’ve probably been half human and half vampire since the Infinity Blade brought you back, so you should have undergone all the changes that you’re going to already.”

      I was overwhelmed with relief.

      “Your eyesight hasn’t improved has it?” he asked hesitantly.

      Sitting up I peered into the dark before shaking my head. “No and neither has my hearing or sense of smell.” I sighed deeply. “I’m sorry our anniversary was ruined.”

      Ridge sat up and kissed me gently. “It wasn’t ruined, Danira, although I never did get to see what you are wearing underneath that very tight dress.”

      I forced myself not to giggle, which would be girly and extremely unlike me, as Ridge unzipped the back of my dress in one smooth movement. I felt his lips on my back and whirling around I jumped on him.

      It seemed that Ridge had forgotten that we needed to be careful. But we didn’t need to be. After all I was as strong as him now. 


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