No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

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Portal Keepers Book 2 (The sequel to 'Would You Like Brains With That?').
Danira travels back to the Realm of the Undead to stop humans being used as blood-slaves.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


30. Brownies and Kicking Vampire Butt


      It was three days later that Kelsey bounded into my room. “I made you some brownies.” she grinned.

      Brushing my hair from my sweaty face I smiled. “Ooh, yum, I love brownies.” I removed my boxing gloves and walked over to her, my feet bare on the wooden floor. “I don't know which one to have, they all look so good.”

      “Take that one,” Kelsey whispered, afraid that Aidan or Leila would hear. “I made it especially for you. It's the biggest.”

      I laughed and kissed her on the head before picking up the piece she had indicated. Sitting down on my bed I took a bite. “Mm, this is delicious.”

      She beamed in delight and scrambled up onto the bed. Chewing on her own slab of brownie, Kelsey said. “Danira, aren't you sad?”

      I finished my brownie and licked my fingers. “Of course I am.”

      “But you don't cry. The others...” she trailed off, not knowing if she should tell me or not.

      “What do they say?”

      Her brown eyes were unreadable. “That you should be crying...They don't think it's normal.”

      I gave a bitter laugh muttering. “I don't think anything about me is normal.”

      “You are okay though, aren't you?”

      “Yeah, I'm fine.” I told her smiling sadly.

      Kelsey wrapped her arms around me. “Good. Do you want another slice of brownie?”

      Once Kelsey had left the room I continued beating the hell out of the punching bag that now hung from the ceiling. Truth be told, I wasn't fine. Of course I wasn't. To have seen Ridge and been so close to him, only to have him torn away from me had hurt big time. What made it worse was that Aurelia was with him. There was a snap and the punching bag was sent flying into the wall. Breathing heavily I gazed at the dent it had made. I was pretty strong now. Good, I would need to be.

      “Danira, what was that?” Aidan called from his room sounding worried.

      He had probably been making out with Leila again. I wondered if I had made them jump.

      “Nothing,” I tossed my gloves aside and went to the bathroom where I showered.

      Ever since the ball I had had lots of visitors; Nadia, Teri and Jet had all been over to see how I was coping. It was nice of them, but I knew that they were all worried about how I was acting. Wasn't it good that I wasn't locked in my room wallowing in self pity?

      Jayden and Bertie were in the kitchen when I walked in.

      “Hey guys.” I said, making myself a drink. I felt their eyes on me as I leaned against the counter. “What?”

      They exchanged a glance. Here we go, I thought. But neither of them said a word.

      “That was what you were trying to hide from me, wasn’t it?” I asked.

      Bertie gave me a weak smile.

      “We didn’t know whether to tell you or not.” Jayden said apologetically.

      I shrugged. “No big deal. The cat's out of the bag now.”


      I perched myself on the roof, feeling like a superhero. But that wasn't the look I was going for. I wasn't wearing spandex or anything, just jeans and a t-shirt. I had a dozen stakes strapped to me. Gazing down at the street below, I searched for a target. There. In a side street there was a male vampire draining his blood-slave. I drew a stake. I needed to be quick, like that time at the ball. Full of calm I dropped down behind the vampire and staked him before he even had time to turn around. Ash floated to the ground and I couldn't help but feel satisfied at how well that had gone.

      The blood-slave was a short girl, around thirteen years old. She stared at me with wide, startled eyes. “How... how did you do that?”

      I glanced up and down the street to make sure that I hadn't been seen. “Magic. Come on, I'll take you somewhere safe.”     


      Over the next few days I rescued more blood-slaves, taking them to Ferriday's mansion afterwards. They didn't stay there though. At what qualified as night time, I led them to where the portal had taken up permanent residence beside the slave market. It was always guarded, but only by one or two vampires, who I quickly dispatched of.

      It seemed that my work was becoming heard of though, because the Vampire Lords ordered that all humans were to be kept inside after nine o'clock at 'night'. They also increased the number of guards at the portal. So that one night when I went, there were six brutes of vampires in my way. I analysed them from where I was waiting in the shadows, three recently released blood-slaves gathered anxiously behind me.

      Gesturing for them to be absolutely silent, I lifted the crossbow I had adapted to shoot stakes, and aimed it at the nearest vampire. He burst into a pile of ashes. His comrades hissed and crouched down, their eyes scrutinising the surroundings. I fired the crossbow again, killing another vampire. Four now remained and they knew where I was firing from.  Stepping out of my hiding place, I shot down a third vampire. The remaining three lunged at me. I ducked and danced out of the way, surprising them with my speed. I staked one in the chest, and then there were two left. They snarled as they circled me, their fangs glinting dangerously. I gazed at them calmly but gripped the stake in my hand tightly. They sprang at me as one. I ducked down, but was too slow. The taller of the two vampires grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back. Crying out in pain I kicked the shorter vampire in the groin, making him drop like a sack of potatoes. The vampire holding me punched me in the kidney and I fell to the ground. I clutched at my side, hoping that he hadn't done any serious damage.

      “So you're the one that's been causing so much trouble.” the taller vampire smirked, standing over me. “Not so tough, are you?”

      I replied by kicking him in the chest, sending him flying. Jumping to my feet I staked his friend who had been slowly getting to his feet. Only the one vampire remained now and he was seriously pissed off.

      “You bitch.” he growled. “You're going to pay for that.”

      His fist connected with my cheek at the exact moment I staked him through the heart.

      My heart was racing from the thrill of the fight but I was exhausted. “Ow,” I muttered, prodding my cheek. I spat out blood. “Bastard,”

      I was slower when I had less energy. That was the bad thing about fighting vampires; they never tired. Yet I couldn't help but feel pleased with myself. I had just taken on six vampires all by myself. Dad would be so proud.

      The ex-blood-slaves rushed over to me.

      “That was amazing!” one cried. “You are totally bad ass!”

      “Are you alright?” another asked.

      I nodded, checking that none of my teeth had been loosened. I didn't know if I healed normally at human pace, or whether it was as quick as a vampire. It seemed to be somewhere in between, because already the pain in my jaw and lower back was lessening.      

      “Go through the portal before anyone else comes.” I didn't think I could handle another fight.

      The three humans thanked me and walked through the portal. I gave a small sigh, wishing that I could go with them. It would be so nice to see Mum and Dad. I missed them so much. But I couldn't leave the Realm of the Undead until I had stopped the Vampire Lords and gotten Ridge back.


      I was admiring my new bruises in the mirror when Jet appeared.

      His eyes widened in alarm when he saw the mottled, purple patches on my skin. “Danira, what happened?”

      Sitting down on my bed I shrugged. “I got into a fight.”

      “You're the one that's been killing vampire, aren't you?”

      “Yep,” I smiled proudly.

      “That's how you're coping with your grief, isn't it?” he asked, sounding worried as he positioned himself beside me.

      My good mood vanished at the thought of Ridge/Christian.

      “He loved you very much. He wouldn't want you putting yourself in harms way like this.” I didn't answer, so Jet said. “When you both came to my house, Ridge explained his feelings for you to me. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself around you.”

      “He struggled to control his thirst.” I told him, glancing up at his heavy eyes.

      Jet nodded. “That always was his Achilles heel. I’m sure you’re aware that new vampires have a hard time trying to control their thirst. The way they react effects them for the rest of their lives; if they give into the bloodlust and gorge on blood then they will have trouble controlling their thirst. However if they limit how much they drink from the very beginning, then it is easy for them.”

      Pulling my legs up, I wrapped my arms around them. “Is there any way of bringing Ridge back?” I whispered.

      “I’m not sure, Danira. It would help if we knew why he is Christian again. What happened when you last saw him?”

      “He decided to come to the Realm of the Undead to find out what the Vampire Lords were up to.”

      “We’ll find out what happened.”

      “You had met Aurelia before then?” I asked feeling jealous as I remembered when she and Ridge kissed.

      “Yes, back when he was Christian they were together.”

      It hadn’t been a coincidence that she had come to the café then, I decided. But why had she done it? I didn’t have any beef with her, unless it had just been because she’d wanted Ridge back?

      Gazing at Jet intently I whispered. “I won't stop until I get him back. I love him.”

      “I will help you in anyway I can.” he peered at me suddenly intrigued. “How are you able to kill vampires so easily?”

      “I’m half human and half vampire.” I went onto explain how I had become that way and how it had affected my physiology.

      Jet was fascinated. “How intriguing... but Danira, if we can’t get Ridge back, would you want me to compel you to forget him?”

      I blanched. Forget Ridge? Outraged I shook my head.  “No. I don’t want to forget about him, never. Please Jet there must be something we can do.”

      “Why don’t you go home to your parents while I stay here?”

      “Being home will only remind me of what I used to have there. Anyway, I need to stay here. I have to save all the humans and stop the Vampire Lords.”

      Jet smiled. “Well, you've certainly got them worried, but you need to look after yourself, Danira. Don't get in over your head.” 

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