No Use Crying Over Spilt Blood

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Portal Keepers Book 2 (The sequel to 'Would You Like Brains With That?').
Danira travels back to the Realm of the Undead to stop humans being used as blood-slaves.

Cover by Zillah Designs.


24. Aidan's Birthday and Fangs


       I had just slipped under my bedcovers when there was a soft tap on my door.

      “Come in,” I called, sitting up and brushing my long hair from my face.

      There wasn’t much light in the room, but from the small amount that was coming through the curtains, I could see Kelsey hovering at the end of my bed.

      “What is it?” I asked kindly.

      “Can I sleep in your bed?” she asked quietly.

      I gave a sad smile. “Of course you can.”

      Lifting the duvet up so that Kelsey could slip into the bed, I pulled her into my arms. “You’re safe now.” I told her, kissing her head.


      Kelsey slept like a baby. I wished that I had. Fortunately I didn’t have anymore nightmares though.

      “Geez you look terrible.”

      I raised an eyebrow at Aidan. “Thanks, just what every girl wants to hear.”

      He was cooking pancakes and Kelsey was sat beside me at the breakfast bar. Leila had told me to act as if I didn’t know it was Aidan’s birthday so that the party that evening would be more of a surprise. Speaking of Leila, she and Ferriday had gone to the lower town to get clothes for Kelsey, who hadn’t wanted to leave the mansion when Ferriday suggested that they go shopping. In fact she seemed petrified of Ferriday, even though Aidan and I had told her countless times that Ferriday wouldn’t hurt her.

      Bertie and Jayden had left early in the morning to enquire around the Castle about the Infinity Blade, whereas Pegasus and Scott had gone to the shops to get supplies for Aidan’s party.

      When we had finished breakfast Ferriday and Leila returned, and Ferriday took Aidan away saying that he had some business to attend to in the lower town. I got started baking Aidan’s birthday cake, grateful for the cooking lessons that Mum had given me. Sadness descended on me as I thought of my parents. What were they doing? Were they alright? I hoped that they were safe.

      I quickly brushed away tears as Kelsey appeared at my side.

      “Can I help?” she asked, dressed in some of the new clothes that Leila had helped Ferriday choose. So naturally they were pink.

      Scott appeared, his arms filled with boxes. While Kelsey was busy stirring the ingredients I walked over to where he and Leila were rummaging through the boxes.

      “What did you get?” I asked.

      Leila handed me a bottle and I laughed when I saw that it was champagne.

      “He’s only nineteen. It’s not a big birthday.”

      “Oh come on,” Leila smiled. “We could do with cheering up, don’t you think?”

      Her eyes were on Kelsey and I nodded in agreement.


      Leila was right that we could all do with cheering up. So the alcohol was probably a good idea...But the amount that Leila, Aidan and Scott consumed was not.

      “You guys!” Aidan cried from where he was sat on the kitchen floor, surrounded in balloons. “This is great! I love you all sooo much!”

      I laughed and nudged Leila gently. “How much has he had to drink?”

      She giggled and gestured to the nearly empty bottle of champagne that was clutched in Aidan’s hand.

      I had a glass of wine in my hand, but Leila and Scott both held nearly empty bottles of wine in theirs.

      “I think that I had better take Kelsey to her room.” I murmured watching in alarm as Leila crawled onto Aidan’s lap.

      Kelsey didn’t protest as I lifted her up and carried her to her room. She was half asleep. “Do you think Aidan’s having a good birthday?” she asked, rubbing her brown eyes as she climbed into bed.

      “Yes I do,” I smiled, before kissing her goodnight on the cheek. “Sleep well, Kelsey.”

      Scott was waiting outside the kitchen when I returned.

      “Everything alright?” I asked, peering into the kitchen to find Leila and Aidan cuddling.

      He beamed at me and pulled me into a hug. “It is now you’re here!”

      Prising Scott off me I felt my smile falter as he stared at me, his eyes on my lips.

      “Danira, you’re so amazing.”

      Oh no.

      “Scott, you’re drunk...”

      He pressed a warm finger to my lips saying. “Hush, the time for talking is over.”

      I felt horror as Scott leaned forwards to kiss me, and I stepped aside so that he overbalanced and fell facedown on the floor. He didn’t move and I rolled my eyes heaving a sigh. I walked hesitantly into the kitchen to find Aidan and Leila making out. My heart rate quickened as a memory of Ridge kissing me crept uncalled to my thoughts. Blinking away tears I closed the door and threw Scott over my shoulder, glad for once of my super strength, before taking him to Pegasus’s estate.

      Pegasus seemed amused to see the deep, alcohol induced sleep that Scott had fallen into, and asked where Leila was.

      “Um, she's with Aidan.” I answered uncomfortably.

      When I finally got into bed I found Kelsey under the covers, fast asleep. I smiled and drew her into my arms, closing my eyes.


      “Danira, are you listening to me?”

      I blinked, surprised to find myself sitting at the breakfast bar in Ferriday’s kitchen. Leila was beside me, her brown eyes fixed on me.

      How had I gotten there? Looking around I saw that Leila and I were the only ones in the room.

      “As I was saying...” Leila scowled.

      She started droning on about something uninteresting and I found myself tuning out. I rubbed my eyes and nodded my head every now and then to make it seem that I was paying attention. Gazing at Leila I found my eyes drawn to her neck, around which was her red collar. That wasn’t what I was staring at though. Her pulse seemed to be calling to me, inviting me to sink my teeth into the flesh of Leila’s neck. I ran a tongue along my teeth feeling confused and was aghast to find that I had fangs. An unbearable fire of desire was growing within my throat and stomach. Somehow I knew that the only way to quench it would be to drink Leila’s blood. She continued talking, unaware of my inner struggle. Clenching my hands at my sides I tried to force my fangs to retract. Soon all I could hear was Leila’s heartbeat and a low moan escaped my lips. Leila looked at me with startled eyes, which only increased my hunger. After all I was a predator and she was my prey.

      “Danira,” she whispered, watching as I slowly reached a hand out towards her neck. “What are you doing?”

      When my fingertips grazed the hot skin of Leila’s neck, a snarl erupted from my lips and I could stand it no longer. Forcing Leila to bare her neck I plunged my fangs into her skin and drank greedily as the delicious liquid that was blood filled my mouth.

      I awoke to find myself screaming.

      “Danira, it was just a dream.” Kelsey was sat next to me so terrified that she was crying.

      My heart returned to its normal rhythm and I checked my teeth. No fangs. I breathed out shakily, my skin covered in a sheen of sweat. “I'm so sorry that I scared you.”

      Kelsey hesitantly placed a hand on my arm. “Are you okay now?”

      “I'm sorry.” pulling her into my arms, I held her close. Tears ran down my cheeks and I gave a sob. “I'm so sorry.”


      It seemed that even though I had frightened the hell out her, Kelsey was still my biggest fan. She followed me everywhere. Everywhere except outside Ferriday’s estate that was. She was a sweet kid but I needed to get away from her for a while, so two days later I was stood on the ramparts with Bertie and Jayden, staring down at the mass of zombies. Every now and then a zombie would attempt to cross the ring of salt that encircled the Castle, and would howl as the salt dissolved their skin.

      “There are more than before.” Jayden sighed, sounding worried.

      I didn’t answer but I was anxious about it too.

      “Err, Danira,” Bertie whispered nudging me. “There’s someone here to see you.”

      Turning I saw Lord Luca Harlin gliding towards us.

      “See you later.” Jayden said his expression unreadable as he and Bertie flitted away.

      I reached out a hand to them, and was going to beg them not to leave me alone with Luca when a pair of silky lips brushed my cheek.

      “What a pleasant surprise.” Luca beamed. “How are you, Danira?”

      “I’m ok, thank you. How are you?”

      “All the better for seeing you,” Luca slipped an arm around me and looked out at the zombies. “Shall we go somewhere with less zombies?”

      I nodded and he led me to his estate. Once inside we lounged on a plush sofa.

      Luca’s hazel eyes fell on my necklaces and his cool fingers brushed the skin at the nape of my neck as he picked up Mireille’s emerald. “You’re still wearing it.” he said pleased.

      The emerald seemed to be glowing, but that was probably just because of the dull grey light that was streaming through the huge windows. Luca gently set the emerald down and stared at my key necklace. I looked away suddenly feeling tense. Luca must have figured out what that key meant by now. Would he tell Nevrac, or the Vampire Lords?

      “I won’t be able to attend the next few balls.”

      “When is the next ball?”

      Luca brushed a rogue strand of hair from my face. “I believe that it's in five days.” his tone had been one of annoyance and I had detected a hint of something else as well, though I couldn’t place it.

      “Where are you going?” I asked, not liking the way he was staring at me. It was like he was undressing me with his eyes.

      “I have to leave the Castle for a while, for business reasons.” he answered. “I will try to return as soon as I can.” Luca ran his thumb along my bottom lip, his other hand now resting on my thigh. “You could always come with me.”

      I didn't say a word. He smiled charmingly and cupped my face in his hands. Luca’s perfect lips moved closer but I pushed him away and stood up. I was horribly aware that my pulse had quickened.

      “I should leave.” I muttered, grabbing my cardigan.

      Luca didn't try and stop me.    

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