Transformers Prime Oryan Pacs Rescue

Optimus Prime did a deal with Megatron to turn his evil in to good. He realeased the Matrix of leader ship to unicrone and now he has nearly joined the dark forces of evil. After Oryan Pacs joins megatron and the decepticons Ratchet attempts a rescue will jack, Miko, Raffale and the three girls rescue him in time . . .



Time for an adventure said Farah. The girls ran up the stairs to there wardrobe and made sure that they had everything for there adventure and they went inside they didn't look where they were going. Once they were in the autobot base they fell unconsious Farah woke up first and she met Jack. Nabeelah and Sidrah were listening and Jack was Farah's friend but he was just a good friend. Second who awoke was Nabeelah she met Miko and they turned out to be good friends. And finally Sidrah awoke and she met Raf they were good friends once the girls all woke up. Farah asked Ratchet why he brought the girls here. Ratchet explained what had happend to Optimus. once he told Farah why he brought the girls here. Farah told Ratchet to type in Optimuses name in so that he can find Optimuses coordinates when Ratchet found the coordinates he was shocked and said By the All Spark. What is it Optimus is on Megatrons ship.

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