Transformers Prime Oryan Pacs Rescue

Optimus Prime did a deal with Megatron to turn his evil in to good. He realeased the Matrix of leader ship to unicrone and now he has nearly joined the dark forces of evil. After Oryan Pacs joins megatron and the decepticons Ratchet attempts a rescue will jack, Miko, Raffale and the three girls rescue him in time . . .



That's terrible said Farah ok now that we know where oryan uh i mean Optimus is i have a plan Farah gave Arcee a rolling paper Farah's step by step plan. Find a way into  Megatrons ship how ? we get in the energon tube. the Auto bots looked confused about the energon tube they did'nt know that Megatron had an energon tube. that's not just for energon. Raf do you think you can scan the tube for me. Ok mmm ther is a door Raf said Arcee was shocked why would there be a door. But Farah knew why there was a door and she expalined all about it to everyone I wil bridge you out girls how it's not fair why do they have to to go in our bots well for capture. Ratchet said you 3 can go along just this once Miko Arcee said. I have divided you into 3 teams and which bots you will be taking. Jack Ratchet said you wil be going with Farah. You 2 wil be taking Arcee Miko you will go with Nabeelah and you 2 will be taking Bulkhead. Raffeal you wil go with Sidrah and you 2 wil be taking Bumble Bee ok said Farah your not ready yet we have something for you Jack. Jack gave Farah a box Farah opend it and saw that it was a helmet. Miko gave Nabeelah a 3d camara and Raf gave Sidrah a I phone 4s these wil help you all thanks. Ratchet bridge us out. Farah winked at Arcee said to the autobots rolled out soon Arcee, Bulhead, Bumble Bee and of coures Farah, Nabeelah, Sidrah, Raf, Jack, Miko were gone.

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