Transformers Prime Oryan Pacs Rescue

Optimus Prime did a deal with Megatron to turn his evil in to good. He realeased the Matrix of leader ship to unicrone and now he has nearly joined the dark forces of evil. After Oryan Pacs joins megatron and the decepticons Ratchet attempts a rescue will jack, Miko, Raffale and the three girls rescue him in time . . .


1. SOS

when the other auto bots heard they were devestated but Ratchet did not give up. he went on the prime memory card and looked it up Matrix videos . com and he found out that when he relaesed the matrix of leader ship. One of the matrix crystals went into a heart shaped nekalace and it belongs to Sidrah Tariq. Arcee was convinced your not saying that we should bring her here are you. she also is on a adventure with 2 other girls Farah Tariq and Nabeelah Tariq. What other choice do we have. They are watching T.V at  the moment said Ratchet hacking into CCTV camaras. i will send a warning signal on the T.V screen they should be able to see it. We will send a ground bridge in there wardrobe the girls were getting to a good a part in there program suddenly a warning signal hit the house DOO ! DOO !

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