A Prince's life.

This is a 1D-fanfiction. :)

Please don't be confused about the little verse/chorus in the end of each chapter. They are from the inspiration songs I use. :) xx

Hope you all will enjoy my ff!:D


1. Castle Walls (+ Prologue.)



Dear reader. You have probably read a story like this before, but I hope that I can reassure you, that you haven’t. This story, is about love. Not just ordinary love. Not just forbidden love. Not just passionate, weird, fighting and hurting love. This is a story of all of those, and more. - Being a prince may sound like a fairytale to many people; Servants to do anything for you, big banquettes with the best food and the finest wines, and girls throwing themselves at your feet. But there is always a backside; you can’t go where you want to go, whenever you want; there is always someone who tells you what to do and how to do it, and there will always be someone who just doesn’t appreciate you.

This story is about a prince, who lived under these circumstances. Our story is about the Son of King Richard Charles IV of England and his wife and queen, Christine Dorothea. He was born a cold December morning, and was named Prince Louis William II. His father, the king, was so proud of having a son, and he only wanted the best for the future king. In a very young age, Louis lost his mother, and his father was devastated. From that day on, everything changed. The King never took time to see his son. He didn’t see his son growing up, becoming a young prince. And he didn’t know, what was going on behind his back in the life of the young boy, who had lost both his parents, one to the power of death, the other to the power of love and sorrow.

Louis had a house-teacher, called Professor Meridian, who wasn’t always as nice, as he seemed. And with that, our story will begin. 





Louis sat in the tea-saloon, looking out the window. From this place in the castle, he could see both the castle-garden and the village. He saw kids running around playing tag and women standing by the center-well talking about the gossip of the day. He saw men arriving home from a travel to the bigger town about a day’s walk from the castle. He saw a baker put bread in the oven and leaving a couple of pies to cool off in the windowpane. He saw people laugh and have fun, just as he always had wanted. But he was stuck in the castle. Stuck in a life without joy. He didn’t like being where he was. He remembered when he used to play with the kids from the kitchen, and he remembered the day, his house-teacher forbid him, to ever look at them again. He remembered when he was beaten with a stick, for running around with the gardeners’ son, Julian, who he hadn’t been able to look at since. He hid his face in shame, every time he took a walk in the big gardens, trying to act interested in Professor Meridians talk about people who died a long time ago, and they walked by Julian who worked just as hard his father had done it. Louis hadn’t even been able to condolence for Mr. Garbles. He was ashamed of how he was taught to act. How he was taught to live. No one knew Louis, as Louis. They knew him as a cold-hearted, selfish, spoiled kid, who didn’t know how good he had it. But the truth was Louis didn’t feel good at all. He wanted to have friends. He wanted to laugh. He wanted to be able to take a walk in the village, smile at people and most of all.. He wanted to be loved.

Sure, he had his father. The Great King. Louis snorted to himself, as he sat there in the saloon. His father, who was a loved king and a more loved warrior, couldn’t even take care of his own son. Sure he didn’t have much time, ruling a kingdom, but not even dinner could they have, as father and son, because surely he never showed up.

Louis sniffed and felt a tear run down his cheek. He hurriedly wiped it away, and looked out of the window again, this time up in the sky. The heaven was blue, that day. Crystal-blue. There were no skies and the sun was shining bright. He sighed.

How he wished to be free. To do as he wanted and never take advantage from anyone. But as a prince, that was just an unreachable dream, because he couldn’t run away from the faith that belonged to him. He was going to be a king, after his dad.

But oh, to be free. He often dreamed about taken his horse and just take off, without looking back. Live in the woods, maybe, and find the true love of his life, and not just some princess or fine lady from nearby. As he sat there in the tea-saloon, he drifted into a daydream, where he was no prince. He weren’t even known as anyone but Louis. The boy who took life as it came, and never planned the next days, because they easily could change.


He was brought back to the saloon by a silent knock on the doorframe. He shook his head and turned to face whoever was knocking. “Liam!” he greeted and smiled. Liam, who was his personal servant and best friend, stood in the door, with his curious smile on. “Your Majesty.” He said, and bowed. “Liam! You know I hate when you call me that!” Louis cried and rose from his chair. “What brings you up here?” he asked, and the smile disappeared from the younger boys face. “Your father wants to see you.” he said with a serious voice, “It’s about your marriage.” he added with compassion in his eyes. Louis froze. The marriage. This couldn’t be good.


After a little awkward silence, Louis nodded and walked by Liam, out of the door, without another word.

Liam sighed and closed the door to the saloon, turned around and saw Louis walk down the hall. Unaware of what to do or say, he stayed where he stood, and saw his best friend, and future king, walk away, into a future he didn’t want to greet.


Louis walked down the hall, aware of what was waiting him, but he tried to close out those thoughts. Instead he looked around, watching every painting, every sculpture that were only there to collect dust. No one ever talked about them or looked at them. Paintings of kings, queens, princes and princesses hung along the halls, but what caught his interest, was the windows. He had never looked at them, closely, before. None of them were open, and behind all the glasses, there were fields and forests. He stopped up in front of a window that showed him the Knights Forest. He sighed. His ancestors had fought wars there. Knights in shining armor, the sound of swords hitting swords and the smell of horses and blood came to his mind. That was a long time ago, but Louis still felt that he was fighting in a war just like it.

Besides that this was his own war, and there were no armor. No swords. No smell of horses and blood.

There was only him, his father, his heart and time.

Nothing else. No one else.

He was alone on this battlefield.

Louis dragged his eyes from the window. He needed to face his father in an amount of minutes. “Let the battle begin.” he mumbled, and walked down the next hall.

Alone on the battlefield.

And no one could hear his scream for help, behind those castle walls that rose above him.


“Everyone thinks that I have it all,

But it’s so empty, living behind these castle walls.

These castle walls.

If I should tumble, if I should fall,

Would anyone hear me, screaming behind these castle walls?

There's no one here at all

Behind these castle walls." 


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