The Red Carpet

It's a small taster from a competition I took part in! Please comment as I would love feedback ;)


1. First Meeting

“Ahhhh!” I think my ears are bleeding. I’m surrounded and tired in the damp and gloomy conditions of London. The red carpet laid and ready, with thousands of girls screaming barricaded at its sides. Helen stares at me with bright eager eyes. Her dream husband will be in front of her in a few minutes, Robert Pattinson. However his rugged look doesn’t compare to the muscular God...Taylor Lautner.  The metal bars painfully push against by rib cage as the crowds behind start to get too excited.

That’s when I hear the first sign of celebrities, further down, girls start shrieking. My fellow fans around us start to push and pull to get in front. However I have waited too long to lose the prime space.

‘Taylor!’ In his formal black Armani suit, Taylor is a couple of feet away. I should be happy and near fainting however the squeezing starts to get out of hand. Am I going to be squashed to death? I scream in pain however I cannot be heard over the increasing shouts. Tears start to well and I’m pretty sure my ribs might snap.

“ Hey! I need some help over here!” The familiar angelic American voice seems close. Is he talking about me? Suddenly the pain disappears and the pushing fades. My feet are off the ground and my eyes fly open trying to find my hero. That’s when they land on dark brooding eyes. Am I dreaming?

‘Whoah, there!’ ( I nearly slapped him while in shock) “Don’t worry.” Disappointingly he sets me down. He checks me over and being satisfied with my look of well-being , he grabs my hand with a cheeky smile playing on his lips.

“ Would you be my date tonight?” Yes, I have to be dreaming.

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