I Met Him in Teldrassil

World of Warcraft story


4. Setting Out

We stayed in the loft probably half an hour, just sitting silently together. Finally, he stood and took my hand and led me on a walk to the outer edges of Stormwind near the pumpkin farm and the ponds. Once there, surrounded by nature, he finally spoke.


"I missed you. I'm so happy to see you are well," he says, with a small smile.

"I missed you , too, my love. And am relieved to see that you are well. But, something is still not right with you. If you can talk to me about it now, I would love to listen," I say, still holding his hand.

He sits in the grass and I sit beside him.

"Three weeks," he says slowly, "We've been apart for three weeks."

"I know very well, " I say, and can't help asking, "Why didn't you come to me? Or, at least, send word?"

"I couldn't , my love," he answers. "But, I knew you would find me. I have a quest I must complete before I am to return home and I didn't send word as to keep my whereabouts vague to certain people in Kalimdor. But, I couldn't seem to make myself venture out again until you were by my side. So, I waited here, knowing you would find me."

"But, I almost didn't! , " I cry out, " I had to hear you were staying at the orphanage from another, I didn't think of it myself."

"Don't fret, my love," he says  , as he holds me, "I had no fear, you have always been able to find me, even when no others can."

"So, where does this quest take us?,"I ask.

"The Swamp of Sorrows," he answers, "and now that you've found me, we should make haste, I'll tell you more of my story on our way."

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