I Met Him in Teldrassil

World of Warcraft story


2. Separation

We have been separated three long weeks now, my beloved and I. It is the longest we have been apart from each other in over five years. Being adventurers , we did sometimes have to split up to evade the enemy. The rough terrain had kept us apart before, for days. But, never anything like this.


I feel a physical ache , like a part of myself is gone and only a phantom pain resides. Every deer making the slightest noise in the brush outside our home , my ears perk up, I'm hoping it's him. I have been back here, to our hidden home in the forest and I've been here for days with no sight of him, no word from him.


I must wait , though. It would be foolish to venture out into the vastness of Azeroth with no information. I have sent an errand boy to Darnassus , and if there is no word there, onto Exodar, to see if anyone has any news. I am waiting, but not patiently.


And, just now, here on our doorstep, I see the errand boy approaching. He hands me a scroll and I give him the rest of the gold I promised. I open the missive with shaky hands. It is from Krennan Aranas. He has seen my husband in the village just outside Darnassus. A day ago, barely slipping onto a boat bound for the Eastern Kingdoms-Stormwind Harbor.


So, that will be my path. I fill my backpack hurriedly with provisions but, I carefully pack the jeweled fishing pole he had Tiffany Cartier craft for me and head out.

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