I Met Him in Teldrassil

World of Warcraft story


3. Flight

As I near the ground in Rut'theran Village, I focus my nervous energy and lose my feathers and gain my feet. I run straight to Krennan but, he has nothing new to offer me. I scan the area anxiously while I await the boat bound for Stormwind Harbor.


I secure a place on the boat where I can view the water on either side. What if my beloved has become lost somewhere in the waters? After what seems an eternity, and still no sign of him, the boat docks and I take to flight again. I make a couple of circles around the harbor but, see nothing to aid me.


I fly into the city and again find my feet as I reach my friend, Bario Matalli. He has been much help to me many times as I learned how to make our meat acquired on our adventures into meals. Sadly, he cannot help me this time. He has been too busy to hear stories. He sends me to the Pig & Whistle Tavern to meet with his friend, who always seems to know what's going on with people passing through Stormwind, tavernkeeper, Reese Langston.


Reese has heard tale of a night elf man matching my husband's description. Strangely, the man doesn't seem to be staying at an inn but, is seen coming and going from the Cathedral Square orphanage. Yes! I remember now, during Children's Week how my beloved came to respect and admire the matron there, Shellene. And it makes sense to me if he was feeling vulnerable and lost he would seek refuge there.


In a blur, I'm entering the very place and looking around frantically. At long last, I see a familiar shape with a familiar green ponytail huddled against a corner in the loft. I race up the ladder and wrap my arms around him. I feel him relax, just a little bit. But, he doesn't speak. I know from our years together when he has a very important story to tell he takes time to gather his thoughts before speaking.


But, the curiosity of why he hasn't returned to our home, why he hasn't sent word to me is a dull thought in the back of my mind. He doesn't appear seriously injured and we are together and in this moment that is all I could possibly want. Nothing else matters, for now.

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