I Met Him in Teldrassil

World of Warcraft story


1. Prologue

We met in Dolanaar , where many young night elves meet. I was the druid with a passion for restoration-healing others and helping them along their path. He was a very stealthy rogue , often by himself and unseen. But , I saw him.

I liked his green hair and the way he was so quiet-listening, learning, always paying careful attention to his surroundings-not the kind of elf  likely to get caught in a trap. There were many tasks along my path that I found hard to manage alone as  a "tree" druid and we became fast friends-his daggers and my healing touch complementing each other.

One night we were beyond exhausted after a day of long, hard walking and being in battles tough to win.

We stopped for the night in a little tavern with a few rooms upstairs. There was only one empty one and so we split the cost of the gold for the room and went upstairs to get some rest. The room had only one bed and we both kept to opposite sides and fell asleep. But, we woke up together, holding hands.

From that moment forward, our friendship became something more. We eventually wed in an impromptu ceremony at an outdoor rose-strewn chapel in Gilneas. The aisles were empty except for an elderly gnome couple who had agreed to be our witnesses and the only other soul there was the worgen priest who offered to conduct the ceremony free of charge.

Today, we share a cottage tucked within the trees of Moonglade. We have been married five years now and we have more scars than we did. But , we also have even more love for each other than the day we wed.


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