The end of time

Mary Whinslington is just an ordinary girl. Well, she WAS. After school one day, she walks into a wall. Is it just an ordinary wall? I guess you'll have to read the story...


5. The rest of my life - missing

She sat me on the sofa & said, “Mary. Is that really you?” I was looking at her like she was crazy, when my eyes spotted the locket she had round her neck. It said ‘Ella Whinslington’. The same one I gave Ella for her 5th birthday. “It’s me”, the woman whispered, “Ella.”

Ella took me into my parent’s room, sat on the bed & told me the story. “20 years ago, you went missing. Your friend, Lucy, told us she saw you heading towards the public toilets. Police looked everywhere, but you weren’t found. Lucy admitted that she’d been horrible to you & now wanted to make things right.

Mum & Dad were heart-broken, so when Jack & I were old enough to look after ourselves, they left & we never heard from them again. A few months later, Jack got accused for shop-lifting & was sent to jail until proven innocent. He said there was no point in living until you have been found.”

I was astonished at this. Missing? For 20 years? I then got up & got my bag. “Where are you going?” Ella asked. “To see Jack.” I replied confidently, “Prisoners are allowed visitors, aren’t they?”

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