The end of time

Mary Whinslington is just an ordinary girl. Well, she WAS. After school one day, she walks into a wall. Is it just an ordinary wall? I guess you'll have to read the story...


2. My normal day

My day started out like any other. I was annoyed by my big brother, Jack & bored to death by my little sister, Ella. Then it got worse. I went to school & was picked on for the rest of the day by Lucy & her crew. It was only after school I made a descovery that would change time...

I don't know why I get picked on. Honestly, I don't. I'm not ugly, nor a clever cogs or a teachers pet. I'm just ... me. Lucy is one of those girls everyone either looks up to, is scared of, or both. She has baby blue eyes, hair that shines in the sun & a laugh all of the boys are in love with. When she picks on you, so does everyone else. It's torture.

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