The end of time

Mary Whinslington is just an ordinary girl. Well, she WAS. After school one day, she walks into a wall. Is it just an ordinary wall? I guess you'll have to read the story...


6. Jack's visit

Ella & I got in her car & drove to The ChrackWhipp prison cells. When we got there, we had to say our names in the speaker. Once we’d got in, we were led to Jack’s cell. The minute he saw me, he bolted to the door.


“Yeah, hi.” I said it as if this thing happened to me every day. “Hey, you’re into science. How on earth can I have been unconscious for 20 years, without anyone noticing me?” He flicked through a science GCSE textbook. “Aha! A time crack!”

“A time what?” Ella & I said simultaneously. Jack showed us the page he was on. I skipped to a paragraph in bright red. It said that if we didn’t build a generator soon, the whole of time & space will collapse. “We need to build a generator, quick!” Ella exclaimed.

"Hold on a sec," I said. I ran off, then came back with a key. "I'm bailing you out of jail." A grin appeared on my face. It was time to save the world.

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