The end of time

Mary Whinslington is just an ordinary girl. Well, she WAS. After school one day, she walks into a wall. Is it just an ordinary wall? I guess you'll have to read the story...


7. Building

We spent the rest of the day building a generator. I stopped half-way through. "What's wrong?" Ella asked me, a concerned look on her face. I told of my sadness: how when I go back to my time, she & Jack would forget all of this & the versions of tem now, would cease to exist. Once I'd stopped talking, I realised that Ella had put a locket in my hand. "In here is something that I was given long ago. Open the locket in a room with only you, me & Jack. Everything will still be like it was, but the us that's here will be with you there." I put the locket round my neck & we continued.

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