hello, I am Martha.

This idea has been brewing in my mind for sometime now, and, i havent found the time to get pen and paper and write; Martha-Lee Jones has been mute since the age of 4, no one knows why and, no one has heard her speak (apparently). However when a new headmistress comes to Martha's school along with her son, martha feels the need to talk to this boy but how can she? Her mid is her prision and it has held her voice there for almost 10 years, but, will her prison hold for much longer or will the walls break and tumble? Is martha finally free?


3. Robin-First day

The first day of a new school is always awkward, your the new toy and everyone wants their turn with you. For me, it is even more awkward, being the headmistresses son brings its own burden, and gift. Mum and I arrived at Elmsberry comprehensive at 7 o'clock way before everyone else, we left our story book home with everything unpacked and in its rightful place at 6:30. I yawned.

" Sorry it had to be so early, but as soon as you get your own house key, you can leave at a good enough time, yes?" Mum said

I smiled and nodded in reply a few other teachers were already at Elmsberry, one gave me a map and another a tour of the school. I was very surprised to hear that classes had a maximum of 15 pupils in, compared to my last school that is less than half! In under 20  minutes I had decided which teachers I did and didn't like. Mr Hawken, taught geography so I immediately took a dislike to him and Miss Muoes, well, it was clear to see that none of the other teachers liked her so I wasn't going to be the odd one out, no way. At 8:50 the doors opened and a flood of pupils ran in. Mum kissed me on my forehead and wished me luck before sending me off to form. My form tutor was Mrs Greeyn, the one who gave me the tour, she smiled at me as I came in.

"Your seat is at the back." she whispered, I nodded my thanks and walked to the cloakroom to hang my coat and bag up, I took to my desk; my pencil case and homework diary. I sat down and around 2 minutes after I had, it started to rain.

" Everyone get your P.S.H.E books out and continue last weeks work. Robin, you know where the store cupboard is yes?" I nodded " good go and get yourself a book of each colour." I headed to the store cupboard and picked up a book of every colour. Then headed back to class, the rain was bucketing down outside as I headed back I took the opportunity to look at each classroom and memorize its place. When i entered the class room, there was a girl with pale skin, blue eyes, and, long curly black hair sitting in the seat next to mine, I suddenly felt the need to just pull one of those dark curls, even though the rain had ruined them. I carried my books over to Miss Greeyn, who instructed me to write a different subject on each book, no specific colour code. I am beginning to like this place I thought. I looked over to my desk again and stared at the girl,after a moment, she turned her face towards me, returning my stare, her pale blue eyes drove into mine until I was forced to turn away. The bell rang loud and clear, I gathered my books and walked out towards the Humanities block, my first lesson was Geography with Mr Hawken. I entered the classroom and to my surprise, there she is again, the pale girl with blue eyes, and, black curls. Her hair was now dry and was curled into thick ringlets which framed her face and hung down just past her breasts. 

Why am I even taking notice of that?! I asked myself, forcing my gaze away, I was directed to my sit next too the girl. If I don't say something now maybe I never will. I walk slowly to the desk shrugging my coat off on the way, another girl stops me in my tracks stepping in front of me, she puts her hand out for me to shake, and as I shake it she introduces herself.

" I'm Lauren Matthews, if you need a tour I will gladly give you one?"

" Robin, I don't need a tour but, thanks anyway."

She didn't look impressed, she was pretty, long straight blonde hair and blue eyes, but she had way too much make up on. I walk past several other people, girls giggle nervously as I walk by, but, most of the boys scowl and turn away. I sit down at my seat putting my bag and coat under the table. This is my chance I tell myself; it's now or never. Slowly I put my hand out towards her.

" Hi, I'm Robin." I say slowly.She stares at my hand the brings her own to join it we shake firmly and I expect her to talk. She doesn't. When Mr Hawken calls out the register, she doesn't answer too any of the names either. 

Who is this girl?

The day continues in mch hesame way, she is in most of my lessons, she doesn't speak and at lunch, I asked Lauren about her, all I got was:

" She's not important... but, if you really want to know: her name is Martha, she is 14 years old and doesn't speak. That's all anyone knows."

At the end of the day I realized I knew very little abut this girl other than:

her name, her age and the fact she doesn't speak.

So why does she draw me in? Why do I feel the need to hold her, tug one of her dark curls? I have never had any problems with girls, I am athletically built and as most would say attractive. Why is it the girl I want is the one I know I can never have? 




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