hello, I am Martha.

This idea has been brewing in my mind for sometime now, and, i havent found the time to get pen and paper and write; Martha-Lee Jones has been mute since the age of 4, no one knows why and, no one has heard her speak (apparently). However when a new headmistress comes to Martha's school along with her son, martha feels the need to talk to this boy but how can she? Her mid is her prision and it has held her voice there for almost 10 years, but, will her prison hold for much longer or will the walls break and tumble? Is martha finally free?


2. Robin

Moving to a new town is normally a good thing but not when you are leaving someone behind, in this case it was my dad, he lost his life fighting for his country, and, to be honest, I'm okay with it I know I shan't ever see him again but I still have my mum. Me and mum moved here because she got a job at a local secondary school. Zooming down the motor way, faster than we should, over the roar of the engine, mum noticed my unusual silence and turned off the radio.

" It is a rare occasion when I cant hear you, is something bothering you honey?"

I smiled my mum knows me to well, and sometimes I just hate that. Don't you?

" No, just thinking."

I thought about changing the subject but mum would just bring it back up again. She turned the radio back on and as she did so, we sped round a corner and entered a beautiful country lane. On each side wild flowers bloomed and the trees were a dense green which continued on for miles. Like a story, I smiled to myself. As mum slowed down and the blur of living life stopped whizzing pass, and I was able to look at each flower every red, orange and yellow, the blues and the purples. On one side of the road a pine tree stood tall and proud at the head of the forest below it two willows stooped and bowed, as I looked through the branches of the pine tree, I saw a figure, a girl not much older than me I thought scrambling up the tree and pushing away the branches, but, a girl would never climb that high right? So I'll settle for the fact that it was simply a trick of the light. I looked up just in time to see a small house in the distance.

" we're home!" mum cried.

In moments other houses appeared and we were in a village, with cottages and babbling brooks and a cheerful villagers, all of which smiled and waved as we drove past.

"Wait a minute!" I shouted suddenly(making mum jump). " isn't this that place where that world famous author lived? Whats his name?"

Mum looked at me then quickly fixed her gaze back onto the road. 

"Mathew Jones?" she helpfully suggested.

"yeah that's the one," I smiled "thanks."

Mathew Jones was a world famous author and published several books but he just stopped all of a sudden know one knew why, but, he just did. There are rumors that his daughter, (whom know one has ever seen in newspapers or T.V.) can't speak.

" Here we are!" mum said.

I looked to where she was looking, our house it was small and stuffed, unlike our previous home which was big and empty. I scanned the house quickly the ivy growing up the stone walls, to the clean white window frames and, the warm red door which was inviting me in.

" I'm home." I smiled.

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