hello, I am Martha.

This idea has been brewing in my mind for sometime now, and, i havent found the time to get pen and paper and write; Martha-Lee Jones has been mute since the age of 4, no one knows why and, no one has heard her speak (apparently). However when a new headmistress comes to Martha's school along with her son, martha feels the need to talk to this boy but how can she? Her mid is her prision and it has held her voice there for almost 10 years, but, will her prison hold for much longer or will the walls break and tumble? Is martha finally free?


8. Robin- Questions

In that split second 1 million and 1 questions run threw my head. 

Have you always been able to talk?

Why did your dad hurt you?

Am I the only person you have ever spoken to?

etc. etc. etc.

but only one question passes my lips.

"would you like to come to the library with me after school tomorrow?"

I only just manages to stop myself jumping for joy when she nods her head. It is settled, 5 o'clock tomorrow, the library. 

I try not to think of it as a date as I walk Martha home.

Martha can talk!! Martha is going on a date with me!!


Wait! What am I on about? Its not a date!

But, what the hell am I going to Wear!!!


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