hello, I am Martha.

This idea has been brewing in my mind for sometime now, and, i havent found the time to get pen and paper and write; Martha-Lee Jones has been mute since the age of 4, no one knows why and, no one has heard her speak (apparently). However when a new headmistress comes to Martha's school along with her son, martha feels the need to talk to this boy but how can she? Her mid is her prision and it has held her voice there for almost 10 years, but, will her prison hold for much longer or will the walls break and tumble? Is martha finally free?


1. Mrs Jones.

How could I wish for more? A husband who loves me and I love in return, a daughter on the way and one already here, yet somehow there is still a dark cloud which follows me everywhere a thought which I cannot push from my mind.

Why does she not speak?

She used to, when she was little, and, she used to sing and all the birds would stop to listen. We had held many a conversation when she was young, she was happy but now, now she locks herself away from the world, and, cuts me off the most I can get from my daughter is a druming of fingers on the worksurface, a shake of the head, or a glance from behind a sheild of long dark curls. she looks like her dad, curly dark hair, blue eyes with small flecks of emerald green and beautiful ivory skin, she doesnt hide behind make up, nor behind expensive clothes, she listens, reads, and walks away. I cannot think why she would refuse to talk, or maybe she simply lost her voice. There is only one thing, a thing which have done, but, it was a long, long time ago, but, it surely couldnt have been that, she was four? She was asleep? She cant know, can she?

Oh Martha? What have I done?

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