Under the covers

16 year old Angel thought that her life was a normal one, an average one, but then her brother came along and opened her up to a world full of lust, passion, love and friendship.

17 year old Teddy always loved his sister, but then one fateful summers day, every changed and nothing would ever be the same between them again.

There are NO sex scenes in this novel, however it is implied through various chapters, due to this, NO under 16's should read this novel. Thank you.


1. Perfect day.

Beep Beep Beep  The familiar shouts from my alarm clock arouse me. My arm flounders around my nightstand until it locates the snooze button. A sigh escapes my lips and I glance downward toward my chest, where the woman of my dreams sleeps. It's funny; I took after my mother with my light hair, and my sister took after our father who displayed a darker color. And honestly there was no other hue I'd prefer nuzzled between my arm and torso. There's nothing that could possibly be more deliciously intoxicating than being in possession of something you should never have. Let alone want. The sweet yellow lighting given to tint our skin, cast shadows across her perfect face, her lovely cheekbones, her adorable little nose. She had my mothers nose, and my fathers cheekbones. I trace the curves of her body with my finger. I was drawn back into reality when the alarm clock sounded off again. My sister's eyes fluttered open. "Morning Teddy." It was hardly comprehensible between her gaping yawns. "Morning SleepyHead!" I managed to scoot against my headpost into a sitting position, with Angel's head rested between my legs. Her pale blue eyes peered into mine, and I swear if there was any one moment I could freeze in time and live forever in, this would be it. Angel and I, we're different from the romances of our high school, which usually begin in the bedroom and end the next day when both members of said relationship are in bed with two completely different people. Our own actions were not dictated by lust, but rather, what I prefer to call a burning passion that can only be ignited through years and years of time spent with each other, seeing each other develop, learn, seeing your flat chested, annoying sister turn into a mature sex kitten. And of course there's the obvious difference that is the fact that our love affair is frowned upon by society; commonly known as incest, sex between family members. Taboo. We're sensible people though. In the presence of others or in the absence of our own cozy household we're the stereotypical brother and sister who couldn't possibly be any more revolted by the other's actions. Our situation isn't wrong. It isn't fair that we aren't allowed to love anyone we want to love. As I watch her stand up, her curvaceous body stretches like a cat, and she smiles at me, my heart tugs. My little sister. All grown up and gorgeous. I think I'd die if I ever saw her with another man. I own her. She is mine forever. Sadly, I cannot scream this from the rooftops. We must keep up our terrible little façade to us, we must remain unknown. And thus, sadly, we concluded our morning in that same way. One after the other we lurch out of my room and act like whatever we'd done was a drunken mistake. My parents themselves are too busy with their own lives to notice that their son is making sweet love to their daughter only a room away. Too bad I'm only 17, and she's only 16. I don't know what would turn out worse; being charged for incest or being charged as a minor under the influence as a cover for incest. Oh well, no one will ever find out. I don't even believe our parents know of the bond I share with Angel. It's probably for the best anyways; inbred children tend to be born with disabilities, and parents always look forward to grand children. I think though, they both wouldn't care. My father is a free-spirited Frenchman, a patron of the finer things in life, like women and fine wine. My mother is from down in Alabama, with her soft Southern accent and good natured temperament, you wouldn't expect her to be the wiliest and most erotic woman, but she was. you could hear her from downstairs. We both were desensitized to sex at an early age. 

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